Kymco CV2 Concept First Look | An ADV Scooter

Kymco CV2 Concept for sale

Kymco CV2 Concept | Adventure Tourer Scooter

We have seen ADV-style concept scooters before, yet nothing like the Kymco CV2 Concept shown at EICMA 2017. Part of the C Series Concept of more sophisticated scooters, the Kymco CV2 Concept takes scooters to a higher level.

The Kymco AK 550 maxi-scooter is Kymco’s flagship machine, and the CV2 Concept is expected to have a more powerful motor. That makes sense, as long-distance adventure-touring is on the menu for this machine.

Kymco CV2 Concept production

For touring, the CV2 Concept is highly configurable. As shown in the Gallery, you can configure it in various combinations with sidebags and a top box. When riding solo, the top box is mounted on the passenger seat. If two-up, the top box moves behind the passenger. Whether the top box is used or not, both the rider and the passenger get adjustable lower-back support.

“The C Series is introduced with the Kymco Multi-Fit concept to expand the versatility to cover any trip of riding alone or with a passenger,” explains Kymco Group Chairman Allen Ko. “The rear case, side cases, top case, rear seat and hard top are all attachable upon demand; there is even a child footrest. All of these accessories are designed to satisfy the needs of riders for different purposes.”

Street-oriented Metzeler tires will allow the CV2 Concept access to unpaved roads, and the ground clearance is ample. ADV riders will appreciate the adjustable windshield, as it can be moved down for more airflow at low off-road speeds.

Kymco CV2 Concept for sale

Motorcycle-style functional features are present in the form of inverted forks, dual disc brakes with radially mounted Brembo calipers, as well as a horizontally mounted shock. Instead of the typical drive system that makes the motor unsprung weight that moves with the suspension, there is a swingarm and chain. Scooter fans will be happy to see a centerstand.

Kymco promises that the CV2 Concept will be put “into production in the near future.”

Kymco CV2 Concept