Indian 741B Call of Duty Motorcycle Giveaway

During World War II, the Indian Scout 741B was the motorcycle of choice for the U.S. Army. About 1000 of these were produced in 1942, and the 15-horsepower 500cc bikes are highly collectible.

Fast forward to 2017, and the latest edition of the Indian Scout has dominated in American Flat Track racing, and celebrated Burt Munro’s historic land-speed record run at Bonneville Salt Flats.

Indian Scout 741B 1942
2018 Indian Scout Call of Duty: WWII 741B Tribute

GameStop and Indian have united to create yet another Indian Scout, this one celebrating the original 741B just ahead of Veteran’s Day. Meet the Indian Scout 741B Call of Duty WWII, based on the 2018 Scout, which will be produced in limited numbers and given away during a contest.

The giveaway is to promote the new Activision for Call of Duty: WWII game that will be released November 3.

These exclusive 741B Call of Duty® edition bikes are the latest game-inspired creations from development partners Engage Interactive and Wolfpack Motorsports. The motorcycles reflect period-correct hand-painted Olive Drab, weathered leather treatments and custom army components, offering a modern take on the vintage 741B Scout.

Win a Indian 741B Call of Duty Motorcycle in video game
Indian Scout in Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty and Indian Motorcycle fans in the United States, Germany, France and Australia will have the chance-to-win a Call of Duty limited edition WWII-inspired Indian Scout motorcycle for each country.

Here’s how:

  • US – GameStop giveaway (and website) will go live on launch day (Nov. 3).
  • Australia –
  • Germany –
  • France –

Indian 741B Call of Duty Motorcycle