2018 Gas Gas Trials Motorcycles Preview | 6 Fast Facts

2018 Gas Gas Trials Motorcycles horsepower

2018 Gas Gas TXT GP Trials Motorcycles First Look | Lighter and More Adjustable

Gas Gas has released a four-bike TXT GP 2018 line of special edition high-performance trials motorcycles. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about these specialized competition motorcycles produced at Gas Gas’s Salt factory in the northeast corner of Spain.

1. The 2018 Gas Gas TXT GP comes in four motor sizes: 300, 280, 250, and 125. The 300 and 280 are for higher-level riders, while the 250 is a clubman-focused motor and the 125 suits young riders moving up from 80s.

2018 Gas Gas Trials Motorcycles horsepower2. The two-stroke motors are bumped up in a variety of ways. The cylinder head is upgraded, and has inserts that allow for different compression ratios. Intake is via a Boyesen carbon fiber reed valve, with the exhaust gases evacuated via a titanium header. Along the way, Hidria supplies a double-spark CDI, as well as highly efficient and cooler-running closed-core ignition coils. The clutch spring has adjustable preload for personalizing clutch response, a crucial function in observed motorcycle trials.

3. The suspension is upgraded to Öhlins and Tech. The Öhlins shock is tuned for the performance of the TXT GP and fully adjustable. The Tech fork is strikingly all-gold, and has springing and damping specific to the 2018 Gas Gas TXT GP motorcycles.