2018 Beta Evo Trials Bikes First Look | 6 Fast Facts

2018 Beta Evo Trials for sale

2018 Beta Evo Trials Motorcycles Preview | Minor Updates

Beta brings a lineup of six trials bikes for full-size riders to the United States for new model year. The 2018 Beta Evo line of observed trials motorcycles ranges from 125 to 300cc. The changes aren’t revolutionary for 2018, but let’s have a look at what makes the bikes new this year.

1. The 2018 Beta Evo line of trials bikes has four two-strokes and two four-strokes. Beta two-strokes include the youth-friendly 125, everyman 250, expert 300, and senior-focused 300 SS (Super Smooth). The thumpers include the 250 for the typical rider, and the 300 for those who need more power.

2018 Beta Evo Trials for sale

2. Dunlop tires are now standard on the 2018 Beta Evo trials bikes. Michelin has been the standard in observed trials for decades, but Beta is making a break by going with Dunlop for 2018. We’ve tested the Dunlop trials tires in the past and find them to be fully competitive with the equivalent offerings from Michelin.

3. All of the 2018 Beta Evo motorcycles get a suspension update. The fork and shock have more progressive damping to reduce bottoming on hard impacts. Also, to make serving easier, both fork legs take the same volume of oil after servicing.

4. To increase durability, the 2018 Beta Evos get new hubs. Beta must have felt that the mounts for the discs and sprocket needed strengthening, so they have been beefed up for 2018.

2018 Beta Evo Trials Bikes First Look | 6 Fast Facts

5. The two-stroke motors get a small bottom-end update. The new main bearings are a lower-friction design for a more responsive motor, especially at low rpm.

6. Beta put a bit more work into the four-stroke Evo 300 motor. It gets a twin-spark ignition, along with a longer-electrode spark plug, for sharper throttle response via improved combustion. A larger oil pump is claimed to reduce engine braking—a drawback to many with big four-strokes. Also, the internal exhausting has been changed to give the motor more snap.

2018 Beta Evo Two-Stroke Prices:

  • 2018 Beta Evo 300: $7899 MSRP
  • 2018 Beta Evo 300 SS: $7899 MSRP
  • 2018 Beta Evo 250: $7699 MSRP
  • 2018 Beta Evo 125: $7099 MSRP

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