Suter Industries and Arch Motorcycle Form Alliance | 7 Fast Facts

Suter MMX500 Dave 1

Suter Industries and Arch Motorcycle Company Forge International Partnership

Two boutique motorcycle brands with unique pedigrees—Suter Industries and Arch Motorcycle—are joining forces to move high-performance motorcycles across the Atlantic. Americans will have access to highly desirable track-only motorcycles, and Europeans will be able to easily obtain the California-built performance cruisers from Arch.

Here are the essential seven fast facts you need to know about the deal:

  1. Suter Industries was founded in 1996, and Arch Motorcycle in 2012. Eskil Suter is the founder of Suter Industries, while Gard Hollinger and Keanu Reeves are co-founders of Arch Motorcycle Company.
  2. Suter has three Moto2 World Championships. Suter bikes took the Moto2 titles in 2010, ’11 and ’12 with the MMX 2—the final year with Marc Márquez riding. Arch Motorcycle has been building bikes since 2012. In contrast to Suter’s high-end racing focus, Arch builds the KRGT-1, a high-performance custom cruiser.

    Suter MMX500 Dave 1
    Suter MMX 500
  3. Arch Motorcycle has formed Suter North America. Suter NA will be a division within Arch Motorcycle Company. “We at Suter are pleased and proud to have found an enthusiastic partner in Arch Motorcycle Company,” Suter CEO Maurizio Bäumle says. “Both our companies share the same vision in regards to technical perfection, but I think it is our mutual passion for riding that ultimately makes this a perfect partnership. Whether out on the road or on the track, both Arch and Suter endeavor to capture the joy of riding in all our motorcycles. We look forward to working alongside Arch to make our bikes the best they can possibly be.”
  4. Suter’s calling card in America is the Suter MMX 500 two-stroke track bike. While there’s no specific racing class for the motorcycle, it is an attractive option for serious recreational track riders. It’s an updated version of the 500cc GP bikes that preceded the MotoGP era. Suter NA will also sell and support the Suter MMX 2, and other motorcycles in the Suter line.
  5. Arch motorcycles will be imported and distributed by Suter Industries in Europe. Suter will be working to make the Arch KRGT-1 Euro-4 compliant, and provide engineering resources to Arch. “The undisputed technical prowess Suter brings in precision motorcycle manufacturing is what really excites us about working together,” Hollinger said. “We’re extremely excited about the engineering resources that Suter brings to the table, which really are unparalleled, and will be a great asset to our Arch team as we continue to develop some of the best motorcycles in the world.”

    Keanu Reeves Arch Motorcycle Company KRGT-1
    From left: Gard Hollinger, Keanu Reeves, author Jess McKinley
  6. Arch has announced plans to release new models this year to join the KRGT-1. Given the amount of track time Hollinger and Reeves have been putting in, it should be an interesting motorcycle or two.
  7. Keanu Reeves brings star-power and an unquestioned personal enthusiasm for motorcycling to the Suter/Arch partnership. “It is a real honor for Arch to have the unique opportunity to bring the Suter MMX 500 and Moto2 motorcycles here to North America and, conversely, for Suter to be our Arch representative over in Europe,” Reeves says. “Like Arch, Suter makes motorcycles for riders who appreciate an incredible riding experience. Both of our companies are committed to excellence in everything we do. I’m very excited about the potential for what we can create together moving forward.”


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