2017 U.S. ISDE Club Team Racers Announced

2017 U.S. ISDE Club Team Racers Announced

2017 USA ISDE Club Team Racers

The American Motorcyclist Association has announced the 2017 U.S. ISDE Club Teams for the International Six Days Enduro, scheduled for Aug. 28 through Sept. 2 in Brive, France.

These 21 competitors will join the U.S. World Trophy, Junior Trophy and Women’s Trophy teams in the race for gold medals.
2017 U.S. ISDE Club Team Racers Announced“These riders have worked hard, qualifying through the new ISDE Qualifier series and have earned a spot to represent the United States in the largest and most prestigious enduro event in the world,” said AMA Off-Road Racing Manager Erek Kudla.
“After winning the World Trophy at the 91st running of the ISDE, it is our goal to defend our championship at the 92nd running, while finishing on the podium at every opportunity, and I think that, with the level of riders that have qualified, we have a very good chance at doing it.”

U.S. ISDE Club Team Riders qualified through two regional series and one three-day event, with an additional three riders being selected based on participation in each series.

U.S. ISDE Club Team East Qualifiers

  • Ty Tremaine
  • Jacob Rowland
  • Brendan Riordan
  • Michael Pillar
  • Alex Witkowski
  • Brian Storrie
U.S. ISDE Club Team West Qualifiers
  • Cody Webb
  • Justin Morgan
  • Anthony Gibbs
  • Devon Bolin
  • Nick Stover
  • Rick Emerson
U.S. ISDE Club Team Three-Day Qualifiers
  • Phillip Anson Maloney
  • Dillon Sheppard
  • P. Trent Whisenant
  • Van McCarren
  • John Maier
  • Steve Mason

U.S. ISDE Club Team Selected Qualifiers

  1. Ryan Powell
  2. Nick Obryant
  3. Benjamin Kelley
Competitors will be grouped into three-rider teams at the ISDE and compete in one of three displacement classes:

  • E1 class, which features 100cc to 125cc two-stroke and 175cc to 250cc four-stroke motorcycles
  • E2 class, which features 175cc to 250cc two-stroke and 290cc to 450cc four-stroke motorcycles
  • E3 class, which features 290cc to 500cc two-stroke and 475cc to 650cc four-stroke motorcycles

The AMA’s ISDE effort would not be possible without the support of several companies, including Coastal Racing, FMF and Bonanza Plumbing. Riders are supported by individual manufacturer and product sponsors. Direct team sponsors include: Rabaconda, Seat Concepts, Trail Jesters, Arai Helmets, Spectro, Motion Pro, Hall’s Cycles and Elizabeth Scott Community.

Also supporting the ISDE effort is ISDE team physician, Dr. James McGee.

Fans of the riders can show their support by buying ISDE apparel at www.amagear.com.

For more information, visit the official event website at www.isde-france-2017.com and www.americanmotorcyclist.com/Racing/Story/international-six-days-enduro.