2017 Ducati Riding Experience Enduro Academy

Ducati has released its schedule and all information for its 2017 Ducati Riding Experience (DRE) Enduro Academy.

The training lasts 1.5 days, and takes place at Nipozzano Castle and its surrounding lands in the Tuscany region. Participants only have to bring themselves, and family members are welcomed also.

While there, students will use the Mutlistrada 1200 Enduro and Multistrada 959 to improve their off-road riding schools under the training of ex-Dakar racer Beppe Gualini, the director of the event.

2017 Ducati Riding Experience Enduro Academy: Dates & Info
2017 Ducati Riding Experience Enduro Academy

Following is info from the official Ducati press release:

The DRE Enduro Academy courses are designed for everyone, from novices who want to increase their confidence and bike control, to expert off-roaders who want to learn from the experience of the best riders. Participants follow exercises to practice the right techniques for overcoming obstacles, emergency braking on poor grip surfaces and learn how to handle the weight of the body on uneven road surfaces like the “washboard” terrain typical of sandy deserts.

All the bikes supplied to the DRE Enduro Academy participants are equipped with Ducati Performance components for more extreme use, from the Ducati Performance bull bars by Touratech, to Pirelli Scorpion Rally tires as well as type-approved Termignoni silencers and more.

All the participants of the DRE Enduro Academy can hire an entire set of technical clothing, in collaboration with Arai, Scott, UFO, Spidi and TCX. Technogym is again partner of the DRE Enduro Academy, supporting the physical preparation to react better while riding.

The course will be held in the prestigious Nipozzano Castle and its surrounding lands. In this splendid setting all DRE Enduro Academy participants will also enjoy tasting the best traditional Tuscan dishes and typical wines produced on the estate.

The DRE Enduro Academy also confirms its appointment for friends and family, who can choose to spend the day exploring the historic village of Nipozzano, visiting the wine cellars and enjoying the panoramas thanks to excursions in the Tuscan hills. Alternatively, they can reach riders in the off-road training areas with the new Volkswagen Amarok.

2017 Ducati Riding Experience Enduro Academy
2017 Ducati Riding Experience Enduro Academy

2017 Ducati Riding Experience Enduro dates:

  • 2-3 June
  • 3-4 June
  • 23-24 June
  • 24-25 June
  • 7-8 July
  • 8-9 July
  • 21-22 July
  • 22-23 July

For more information on the DRE Enduro Academy and to subscribe to the 2017 edition, visit DRE Enduro.