TCX Heritage Waterproof Boots Review: For Motorcycle Touring

TCX Heritage Waterproof Boots Review: For Motorcycle Touring

 TCX Heritage Waterproof Boots Test | Classic Styling

When it comes to long-distance touring on a full dress custom cruiser, style and comfort are essential features. TCX Heritage Waterproof boots, part of the Touring Custom line from TCX, fit the criteria for putting on the miles while looking good.

TCX Heritage boots slip on easily, with the instep and upper buckles in the standard out-of-the-box position. They can be adjusted, of course, though I never felt the need. I’m a size Euro 43/US 9 and the Heritage boots fit perfectly with normal riding socks.

TCX Heritage Waterproof Boots Review: For Motorcycle Touring
TCX Heritage Waterproof Boots Review

For touring riders, the waterproof claim is an attractive one. In reality, TCX Heritage Waterproof boots will keep your feet dry, even when you’re standing in a puddle—the splash of the ride is not even a challenge for the effective liner.

Full-grain leather is used for the uppers, and it feels like it. Unfortunately, TCX went with a less-sturdy design below that.

Although CE certified boots, with strong toe and heel boxes, the toe shift area on the left boot uses unreinforced leather. The first pair I tested had the leather collapse in above my left toe. TCX replaced them, and the shift toe area in the new pair has faired much better.

TCX Heritage Waterproof Boots Test

Still, your toe will very definitely feel every upshift—something you may think you want, but be careful what you wish for. Yes, I know that many of the cognoscenti turn their noses up at toe shift guards, but I’m a typically form over function guy. For me, I consider TCX Heritage Waterproof boots to be best for riders on a motorcycle with a heel/toe gearshifting setup.

Off the bike, the boots hardly feel like motorcycle boots. The shank in the sole seems to end at the ball of your foot, and with the nice heel, TCX Heritage boots are made for walking as well as riding. At the end of the day, they also come off as easily as they went on.

Riders on traditional motorcycles—be they touring bikes, or around-town machines—will be drawn to TCX Heritage Waterproof boots.

The protection is what you’d expect for a boot of this type, which has a focus on comfort and style, yet you still get the CE certification. They are a pair of boots that work great for heel/toe transmissions, which happens to be my favorite shifting method on a big-inch bagger or tourer.

Photography by Kelly Callan

TCX Heritage Waterproof Boots Fast Facts:

TCX Heritage Waterproof Boots Review


  1. I have a pair of the TCX X-Blend WP Boots in brown. I love them. Comfortable, armored, grippy, and the high quality Italian Leather.


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