Joe Rocket HeartBreaker 3.0 Textile Jacket Review: Lightweight Style

Joe Rocket HeartBreaker 3.0 Textile Jacket review

Joe Rocket HeartBreaker 3.0 Jacket Review

Joe Rocket HeartBreaker 3.0 Textile Jacket review

Joe Rocket brings female riders another stylish motorcycle jacket—this time it’s the lightweight, textile HeartBreaker 3.0. The close fitting design starts with princess seams and extends down to a flattering below-the-hip length. Pre-curved sleeves ensure there is no bunching of fabric when arms reach toward the bars, and a Mandarin collar completes the minimal, sleek design.

The Joe Rocket HeartBreaker 3.0 is a lean cut, but I was able to make some minor adjustments to fully customize the fit at my waist, arms, and cuffs. There are two separate slide buckles on each side—one at the natural waist and one at the hip—allowing me to create a tailored waist, yet more relaxed fit through the hips.

The sleeves similarly have two adjustment points, both using snap fasteners. Normally, I would not bother to cinch the sleeves down, as the HeartBreaker 3.0 is already a spare fit. However, while motorcycle riding in colder weather with just a short sleeve shirt on, I was happy pull the nylon/polyester fabric closer.

The upper arm adjustment seems more a style point than practical application, as it pulls open the seam that hides a ventilation zipper when it is snapped in the tighter position. When left in the relaxed position, it looks just fine.

Joe Rocket HeartBreaker 3.0 Textile Jacket black

Further HeartBreaker 3.0 modifications come at the cuffs via Velcro tabs and four-inch zippers. Snug the cuffs tight to slip inside gloves and keep the wind from drafting up your sleeves when it’s chilly, or open the zippers and tack down the Velcro tabs in their widest position in hot weather and enjoy the rush of air.

The HeartBreaker 3.0 should be comfortable in a range of temperatures thanks to ventilation and a removable liner. While it’s not the season to test the upper range, the zippered vents on the upper arms—used in conjunction with the large zippered exit vents running down the back of the jackets—do move air through the jacket.

During our (relatively) chilly Southern California winter, I’ve been keeping the sleeveless thermal liner installed. It zips in easily, with one zipper running all the way around the interior of the jacket—no loops or snaps.

With a base layer under a long sleeve t-shirt, it’s still a nippy ride to work on the freeway in 50-degree weather. There’s not much room to layer up with the svelte cut, though loosening the side adjustments allows me to pull on a thin cashmere sweater, making all the difference.

The HeartBreaker 3.0 can also be zipped to your riding pants, or attached to a belt via two snapping loops.

Joe Rocket HeartBreaker 3.0 Textile Jacket Review

We are happy to find C.E. armor permanently installed at the elbows and shoulders, but the included back pad is not a protective device. We installed a Pro Lite K Level 2 pad from Forcefield Body Armor into the fitted pocket for functional spine protection.

The front zipper (and hand pocket zippers) have leather pulls that are long enough to operate with gloved hands. The tiny etched rockets and small rhinestone-type studs that adorn them add a discreet, appreciated sparkle.

Expansion panels at elbow, sides, and down the backs of the shoulder keep the form fitting Joe Rocket HeartBreaker 3.0 comfortable when swinging a leg over the saddle, reaching forward to handlebars, and twisting to look behind you. A two-way zipper at the jacket front would have been welcome with the longer cut of the HeartBreaker.

Interior pockets are strangely missing, save for a vertical zipper pocket on the upper right chest. Perhaps this was a choice made to to keep the sleek look of the HeartBreaker 3.0 intact. I carried my Wojo wallet in this pocket, and stuffed my cell phone in one of the two exterior zippered hand pockets.

The Joe Rocket HeartBreaker 3.0 women’s motorcycle jacket is spare, comfortable, and feminine, with just enough features to get the job done without over complicating things.

Action BMW G 310 R photography by Kevin Wing

Joe Rocket HeartBreaker 3.0 Jacket Fast Facts:

  • Sizes: XS – 2 Diva
  • Colors: Grey/Silver; Black/Purple; Black/Pink
  • Joe Rocket HeartBreaker 3.0 Price: $200 MSRP
  • Joe Rocket

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