MV Agusta Partners with Urban Motor Group to Relaunch in USA

MV Agusta partners with Urban Motor Group
MV Agusta F4 Reparto Corse

MV Agusta to Relaunch in USA

MV Agusta partners with Urban Motor Group
MV Agusta F4 Reparto Corse

There’s no hiding MV Agusta’s financial troubles—especially in the North American market. Last March, the Varese-based brand announced a restructuring plan due to being reportedly $45 million in debt, with most of that absorbed by suppliers.

In November, some good news arrived that the investment division of the technology company Black Ocean came aboard, but no details were reported of the capital investment.

But things are seemingly moving ahead for Italy's MV Agusta in the North American Market—MV Agusta USA has developed an initiative to increase brand awareness in the USA and Canada. MV Agusta USA has partnered with Urban Motor Group Pty Ltd to create a new strategy in the US that will “reinforce and consolidate the brand in a Country which is part of the MV Agusta future strategy.”

MV Agusta USA, which recently released a few Reparto Corse models including the F4 RC, will now have leadership by Urban Motor Group, managed directly through its CEO, Joseph Elasmar.

“While other mainstream brands have taken the mass production approach, MV Agusta continues to do what others dream to do," says Elasmar. "Coupled with its rich racing heritage, names of famous riders and drivers, to its own bespoke R&D performance centre CRC (Castiglioni Research Centre), MV Agusta is without peer.

“2017 looks set to be the most exciting year for MV Agusta with new model updates, yet to be released special editions and coveted new riders for the World Supersport Championship including title contender USA rider P.J. Jacobsen on the latest F3 675 RC motorcycle. Not forgetting, of course, the latest F4 RC which is tipped to excel further at the helm of former BSB Champion Leon Camier.

“There is just so much going on at the factory. The new technical updates that are coming to the road range in 2017 alone is quite amazing, with CRC mastering significant changes to chassis, engine and electronics componentry. CRC has also proven once again it is at the forefront in R&D with the recent release at EICMA of the most powerful 800 cc naked under Euro 4 constraints, the Brutale 800 RR. I’m really looking forward to build MV Agusta in the USA and in particular seeing customers experience the difference of hand built Italian masterpieces.”

“We are very excited to build a successful relationship with Urban Motor Group as a new partner also overseeing and developing the presence of MV Agusta in the USA market,” says MV Agusta CEO Giovanni Castiglioni.

“Urban Motor has a remarkable track record in delivering a strong dealership network, backed with excellent customer service and dealer support. We are very confident that with Urban Motor we will enter in a new era for MV Agusta in the States, invigorating sales and passion for our motorcycles. Along with the binding agreements signed with Black Ocean Group for a capital increase in MV Agusta, the reorganization of the US market is another milestone in MV Agusta restructuring plan; our sole focus is clearly consolidating our leadership in the production of high end motorcycles under the MV Agusta brand, and the North American Market will play an important role in our future.”

More from about the partnership from MV Agusta:

Aligning itself with MV Agusta’s ambition, the new management team will also focus on building brand awareness and quality customer service by harnessing the wealth of experience, robust business model, passion in motorcycles and extrinsic perspective that has earnt Urban Motor Imports the reputation and accolade of being the key distributor for a number of motorcycle brands including MV Agusta.

The driving force behind Urban Motor Group has been the relentless ambition of Joseph Elasmar to bring to market products of distinction. From humble beginnings and as an astute student of International Business, Elasmar built the Group from experience of over 14 years in the motorcycle industry. The opportunity to represent MV Agusta in North America is a direct result of a strong and successful relationship with the MV Agusta factory and with Giovanni Castiglioni, CEO of MV Agusta. The two Groups are already partners since years in the Australian market, where Urban Motor successfully made it one of today's first markets for MV Agusta's exports.


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