Touratech BMW R 1200 GS Rambler Build Unveiled | 438 lbs. ADV! (Video)

Touratech BMW R 1200 GS Rambler wheelie

Touratech BMW R 1200 GS Rambler

Touratech BMW R 1200 GS Rambler Unveiled | 438 lbs. ADV (Video!)
Touratech BMW R 1200 GS Rambler

When Touratech is challenged to build parts for new Adventure bikes, it wastes zero time. Most of these aftermarket ADV parts are available well before the bikes themselves are available to the public.

Mastering challenging situations is in Touratech’s bloodline, and the latest challenge came directly from BMW Motorrad. Basically the Bavarians asked fellow German-based company Touratech to build a sub-440 lbs. BMW R 1200 GS.

A strategy was created for the code-named K199 project (199 kilograms, or 440 lbs.), and Touratech completed the task, creating a “modern-day interpretation of the legendary HP2 Enduro.”

Meet the BMW R 1200 GS Rambler, which weighs just 438 lbs.–nearly 100 lbs. lighter than a base R 1200 GS–and just may be the lightest water-boxer in the world.

Following is the official Touratech release about the build, along with specs for the R 1200 GS Rambler:

The engineers at Touratech started with the chassis and engine from a BMW R 1200 R because the frame is set up for conventional forks rather than the telelever front end of the R 1200 GS. This was married to a final drive and swing-arm from an R1200GS to maximize the suspension travel and boost ground clearance. The chassis was fitted with a custom aluminium triple clamp that holds a set of re-worked forks from an F 800 GS Adventure.

A long-travel fork cartridge conversion kit from Touratech Suspension was fitted into the F 800 GSA fork legs and set up for 230mm (11.8”) of travel. Performance for the rear comes by way of a long-travel Touratech Suspension Extreme shock with 200mm (7.9”) of travel. The Metzler Karoo 3 rubber meets the road with Haan Excel wheels 21” front and 17 rear. Several pounds were shed by going to a single rotor brake set-up like a dirt bike, but in this case with ABS.

Touratech BMW R 1200 GS Rambler part list
Touratech BMW R 1200 GS Rambler builds

Considerable weight reductions came by stripping the bike of its bodywork, fairing and all unnecessary mounting brackets. A custom lightweight airbox and fairing were crafted of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic. The fuel tank and rear subframe were combined into a single aluminum structure that supports the rider and rear fender. An ultra-lightweight seat was crafted from Polyurethane using a method that requires no seat pan. Ultralight master cylinders & titanium footpegs were utilized for maximum weight savings.

Touratech BMW R 1200 GS Rambler wheelie
Touratech BMW R 1200 GS Rambler

While technical components were manufactured by Touratech AG, the clay modeling, design and prototyping were carried out by sister company TT-3D in Murnau, Germany.

Touratech built a pair of bikes that differ only in color: one in the Touratech colors black, grey and yellow; and one in BMW colors white, blue and red. Touratech CEO Herbert Schwarz and a few journalists put the bikes to the test on an adventure ride in the Azores, a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean 850 miles West of Portugal.

There currently are no plans for a production version of this bike but it’s been fun for the Touratech team to rise to the challenge and create a modern day version of the HP2. Perhaps BMW Motorrad will feel inspired enough to produce something like this again.

BMW R 1200 GS Rambler Modifications & Materials:

  • Airbox: carbon fiber reinforced plastic with original air filter (Touratech / TT-3D)
  • Fairing mount: aluminum tube construction (Touratech)
  • Fuel Tank: aluminum, lowered side walls, capacity approx. 4.2 Gal (16 liter) (Touratech / TT-3D)
  • Fuel pump: in separate plastic tank (1.8 l) beneath the main tank
  • Total Fuel capacity: 4.75 gallons / 18 liters
  • Seat: rally seat made from PU foam (Touratech / TT-3D)
  • Frame: unnecessary mounting brackets removed
  • Rear sub-frame: integrated aluminum fuel tank sub-frame (Touratech)
  • Handlebar & controls: Magura TX handlebar, very light high-performance radial-pump master cylinders for clutch and brake (Magura HC3)
  • Triple clamp: custom-made by XTRIG
  • Brakes: front: 1 x brake disc Ø 300 mm; rear: 1 x brake disc Ø 276 mm
  • Brake lines: stainless steel braided hose (Stahlflex)
  • Fork guard / brake line mounts: aluminium (Touratech)
  • Front & rear body work: plastic parts (Touratech / TT-3D)
  • Rear light: European BMW R nineT kit
  • Headlight: BMW G 450 X kit
  • Turn Signals: LED from BMW R 1200 GS
  • Enduro exhaust system: titanium and carbon fiber, custom-made by Akrapovič
  • Rear silencer bracket: aluminum (Touratech)
  • Battery: lithium-ion 12 V, 4.6 Ah
  • Rear fairing: carbon fiber reinforced plastic (Touratech / TT-3D)
  • Wheels: rugged Haan Excel rims (custom-made) with Metzler Karoo 3 tyres;  front: 21 x 2.15 with 90/90 R21, rear: 17 x 4.24 with 150/70 R17.
  • Skid plate: carbon fiber reinforced plastic (Touratech / TT-3D)
  • High fender : carbon fiber reinforced plastic (Touratech / TT-3D)
  • Suspension: Custom Long-travel, 7.8” (200mm) Extreme shock custom-made by Touratech Suspension
  • Forks: Original BMW F 800 GS Adventure fork with Long-Travel 11.8” (230mm) Fork Cartridge Conversion Kit by Touratech Suspension
  • Foot peg assembly: titanium foot pegs, aluminum bracket and heel guard

Touratech BMW R 1200 GS Rambler Build | Photo Gallery


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