Fly Racing Rain Gear Review | 2-Piece Suit, Glove & Boot Covers

Fly Racing Rain Gear Review | 2-Piece Suit, Glove & Boot Covers
Fly Racing 2-Piece Rain Suit Jacket

Fly Racing Rain Gear Review

Fly Racing 2-piece rain suit price
Fly Racing 2-Piece Rain Suit

Rain is something that East Coast motorcyclists learn to deal with. This is especially true on multi-day trips; regardless of what gorgeous conditions the weathermen predict, the opposite usually occurs.

A proactive approach is key to safely riding motorcycles in the rain, and it begins with staying dry. Once any part of the body gets wet—especially the hands and the feet—distractions are endless. That puts a rider in serious danger.

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Waterproof motorcycle gear, such as apparel built with Gore-Tex or Hipora (both breathable waterproof fabrics), is the most convenient. However, sometimes they are not the best choice. Think of your favorite mesh or leather jackets—rain can quickly spoil comfort.

The next best solution is a rain suit that goes over your existing gear. Dozens of motorcycle rain suits are on the market, though only a few quality ones. Plus, they are great for the torso and legs, but how about those hands and feet?

Fly Racing, an apparel/parts company based in Boise, offers a perfect two-part solution. The first is the Fly Racing 2-Piece rain suit, a heavy-duty item that should last a lifetime.

Additionally, there are the Fly Racing Glove Rain covers and Boot Rain covers for your hands and feet. I’ve tested this rain setup for the past four months, and they’ve kept me completely dry.

The Fly Racing 2-Piece rain suit is constructed of polyester, which various reflective stripes and logos to enhance visibility. The genius of the suit is the slick inner liner, which is easy to pull over bulky jackets or pants, even when they are slightly wet.

The Fly Racing rain pants have a high waist that goes to mid-stomach, helping to keep water from entering that area, where water seems to naturally collect during rain-soaked rides. The pants also have removable shoe straps to keep them attached to your boots/riding shoes.

Fly Racing Rain Gear Review | 2-Piece Suit, Glove & Boot Covers
Fly Racing 2-Piece Rain Suit Jacket

Polyester absorbs heat quickly. To battle this, Fly Racing designed rear vents on the jacket that remove hot air while keeping water out. I only felt sticky during one 95-degree ride in Philadelphia traffic when the sun was out, but it was still raining.

I’ve also used the pants alone for a few sport-touring trips when my jacket was fully waterproof, but my riding pants weren’t.

Fly Racing Rain Gear Review | Glove and Boot Covers

With your torso and legs covered for motorcycling in the rain, Fly Racing also provides a quick solution for the boots and gloves. The covers, created from nylon, quickly slip over boots or gloves for complete waterproofness.

The Fly Racing glove covers feature a silicone grip area, and my hands never slipped off the wet controls. The covers also feature a cinch cord to seal the cover over the jacket.

The Fly Racing boot covers feature a half-sole design that exposes the boot’s heel. The front sole is slip resistant, and grip on the pegs was never an issue. The boot covers Velcro-close at the calf, nearly reaching the knee, and provides waterproof solutions for both the boots and the lower legs.

The glove and boot covers also feature reflective material, and help block wind, something that helps keep the hands and feet warm during those colder rain storms.

Fly Racing Rain Glove Covers Test
Fly Racing Rain Glove Covers

During longer tours, when 12-hour days are the norm, all my gear is waterproof. However, water always seeps into my gloves. This is not an issue with the Fly Racing glove covers, which thankfully pack away easily.

I wish I could say that about stowing the rest of the Fly Racing rain gear, though. The only issue with the suit is some bulkiness when packing. The suit itself is comparable to those archaic full-sized dictionaries still found in libraries. The boot covers pack away like a deflated high-school football, and the glove covers a woman’s wallet.

As for sizes, I’m 5’ 11” and weight 180 pounds. My gear sizes are typically large (44 US) in a jacket, large in a glove, 34-36 inch waist x 32-inch inseam in pants, and 11.5 in boots. The Fly Racing XL rain suit and large glove/boot covers worked perfectly.

Rain should never stop anyone from riding, but it has to be done safely. The safety factor begins with being comfortable, and that means remaining dry. The Fly Racing two-piece rain suit, in conjunction with the glove and boot covers, combine for the quickest solution for complete dryness—just make sure there’s room to pack them away.

Fly Racing Rain Gear Fast Facts

Fly Racing Two-Piece Rain Suit:

  • Sizes: S-5XL
  • Colors: Black; Black/Red; Black/Blue; Black/Hi-Vis
  • Price: $80

Fly Racing Glove Rain Covers:

  • Sizes: S-XL
  • Color: Black
  • Price: $25

Fly Racing Boot Rain Covers:

  • Sizes: S-XL
  • Color: Black
  • Price: $30

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