Shoei RF-SR Motorcycle Helmet First Look | 10 Fast Facts

Shoei RF-SR First Look - Tangerine Orange

Shoei RF-SR Motorcycle Helmet First Look |
Nice Price Point


Although Shoei’s reputation as a high-end motorcycle helmet maker is unassailable, the Japanese brand also offers helmets in the moderate price range. The new $399 Shoei RF-SR is a reminder of that.

1. The Shoei RF-SR has a high-quality outer shell. Shoei went with its proprietary Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ shell for the initial protection. It uses layers of fiberglass, organic fibers, and resin that are interwoven and hand-laid. Shoei calls it the company’s “strongest, lightest, most elastic shell.”

2. Inside, there’s a two-layer, multiple density EPS liner. This is the part that saves your head in a fall by absorbing the shock. Shoei uses different density EPS in different parts of the helmet to best protect the rider, yet still keep the helmet compact and lightweight.

3. Your head interfaces with the Interior Comfort System liner. It has all the features you want, including a custom fit, replaceability, and removal for washing.

4. The Shoei RF-SR’s vents are not shy. On this graphics-free helmet (so far), the forehead vents are also a style feature. From a practical standpoint, they’re large and likely channel lots of air thought the EPS liner. There are also a pair of exhaust vents, as well as vents in the chin guard.

5. No tools are needed to replace the faceshield. We’ve liked the QR-E base plate system in the past, as it makes it easy to change shields. Shoei claims the latest version has stronger springs to help provide sealing from wind and rain.

6. The RF-SR’s CWR-1 faceshield is Pinlock EVO equipped. Those who ride in moist areas will appreciate that, and Sun Belt riders will like that the shield stops 99 percent of UV rays from hitting your face. The shield locks down for high-speed riding.

8. First responders will like the Emergency Quick Release System on the RF-SR. This means trained personnel can remove the cheek pads safely, in the unlikely case that they would need to. It’s a feature you almost certainly won’t need, but you still want.

9. You get a choice of seven colors and six sizes of the Shoei RF-SR. That means XS-XXL, and your choice of Tangerine Orange, Matte Blue Metallic, two blacks, two grays, and white. The price of the Shoei RF-SR is $399 MSRP.

10. You will have to patient. The Shoei RF-SR won’t be available until Spring 2017.

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