2016 Slimey Crud Motorcycle Gang Café Racer Run Rolls October 2

Ducati Desmo 900 S with glass windows in valve covers
Ducati Desmo 900 S with glass windows in valve covers

2016 Slimey Crud Motorcycle Gang Café Racer Run

Mike Englehardt's spotless 1971 Rickman
Mike Englehardt’s spotless 1971 Rickman

Yeah, you can sit on the couch and bemoan the fact that October 2 is already eleven days into autumn and another day closer to winter, or you can say, “I’m not gonna sit here and waste this chance for some run-what-ya-brung fun. I’m going to head out to Pine Bluff, Wis., and get in on the fall running of the Slimey Crud Run!”

That’s right—and best of all, there are no fees, no road captains, no pre-set route maps, no set schedule to keep, no hassles, and a chance to see darn near anything on wheels. That’s all not even mentioning riding in some of the most scenic motorcycling territory in the nation.

It all starts in Pine Bluff, Wis., a few miles outside the state capitol in Madison, where County Trunk Highway P intersects Mineral Point Road (CTH S). Start time is entirely up to you, but the crowd tends to reach critical mass around 10 a.m. Then, riders start filtering out onto the excellent paved country roads that wend their way across the Wisconsin River valley toward Sauk county and the Run’s end point in Leland.

Leland is on Sauk County highway C and has its own gun club, lake and two bars. Food and refreshments are also usually set up on the shore of the lake right in the hamlet. Arrival time in Leland is also entirely up to you.

The route you take is entirely up to you. How long you linger in the rolling farm country is entirely up to you. How many stops and side trips you make is entirely up to you. How much fun you have is—well, you get the picture. About the only thing about this event that’s not up to you is the weather.

Here the links to our coverage of some of the Runs of the past and we’ll include some of our favorite images here, as well to show you what you’ll be missing if you can’t make it.

And, remember the Crud’s Creed: Ride hard. Ride short.

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