Honda X-ADV Confirmed for 2017 | Scooter/Motorcycle Hybrid

2017 Honda X-ADV First Look

2017 Honda X-ADV Preview

2017 Honda X-ADV First Look Remember when we told you about the Honda City Adventure Concept scooter/motorcycle hybrid back in March? Well, Europe is getting the Honda X-ADV, a new adventure bike for 2017 based on that unique machine.

Honda tells us that the DCT-equipped X-ADV adventure bike will have long-travel suspension for off-road action, an adventure riding position, a five-position windscreen, plus room to store an adventure helmet. According to Honda, “The X-ADV combines the spirit of adventure with all-round performance, practicality and comfort for urban commuting and weekend escapes.”

We have only these two vague photo of the 2017 Honda X-ADV right now. From what we can tell, it is very similar to the Honda City Adventure Concept. Watch for the bike to be shown to the world at the EICMA show in Milan in the second week of November.

Will the X-ADV make it to America? Cross your fingers!

2017 Honda X-ADV Preview


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