2017 Suzuki VanVan 200 Unveiled | Retro Beach Boy

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Suzuki VanVan 200

“Classic cool. Ready to groove whenever and wherever you are.” This is the tagline Suzuki uses for one of the more peculiar models just released as a 2017 model – the VanVan 200.

The fat-tired bike joins the other two smaller standards that return to the 2017 Suzuki motorcycle lineup as carryovers – the TU250X and GW250.

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The VanVan 200 is a lightweight and easily accessible motorcycle with a retro flair – something you’d expect to see on the California Beach scene. It is powered by a four-stroke, 199cc single with a five-speed transmission, and arrives with an 18” front tire and extra-wide 14” balloon tire out back. This fat rear tire enhances the retro look, and compliments the slim 1.7-gallon gas tank.

The Suzuki VanVan 200 will be offered in two colors – Metallic Triton Blue and Metallic Matte Fibroin Gray – for a price of $4,599 (MSRP).

2017 Suzuki VanVan 200 Unveiled | Retro Beach Boy
2017 Suzuki VanVan 200

Following are the highlights of the 2017 Suzuki VanVan 200 courtesy of Suzuki:


  • The VanVan’s 199cc, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, air-cooled engine is built for excellent response
  • Easy, push-button electric starting
  • Advanced, compact fuel injection system and well-designed exhaust are tuned with an emphasis on low-to-mid range power delivery that’s street friendly
  • Carefully selected transmission gear ratios provide smooth acceleration through each gear
  • Air-cooled oil cooler helps stabilize the engine’s performance
  • Wide 18-inch front and extra-wide 14-inch balloon tires, boost the VanVan’s classic retro look and add to its unique character
  • Wide, pleated and plush seat has a low seat height great for both rider and passenger
  • Classic round headlight upfront and a bold, distinctively designed rear tail/stop light
  • Easy-to-read speedometer with black face and white numbers glow with color in the dark

Engine Features

  • Classic, air-cooled 199cc, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, engine is built for durability and excellent throttle response
  • Precise manual clutch feeds a five speed transmission with gear ratios that provide brisk acceleration and smooth cruising
  • Robust charging system supplies the battery so the VanVan’s electric start is push-button easy
  • Advanced, compact EFI system features an integrated fuel pump/ injector assembly for precise fuel delivery that results in outstanding performance and economy
  • Automatic idle speed control (ISC) means start up is easy with no choke and the idle speed is always right, not matter the condition
  • Air-cooled oil cooler (like those used on the DR650S) helps control engine temperature to stabilize performance
  • Catalyzer-equipped exhaust system helps control emissions while the bullet-shaped muffler produces a pleasant exhaust note

Chassis Features

  • Strong, steel diamond-style frame is the foundation for low-slung fun
  • Slim shaped 1.7 gal. (6.5L) fuel tank is low and out of the way when riding while providing great range
  • The wide 18-inch 130/80 front balloon tire on an aluminum rim wheel and extra-wide 14-inch 180/80 rear balloon tire, enhance the VanVan’s classic retro look and add to its unique character
  • Front disc brake with two-piston caliper and rear drum brake provide strong stopping power
  • Widely spaced, 33mm-inner-tube telescopic front fork and single-shock absorber rear suspension with 136mm of wheel travel for supple handling performance
  • Wide, spacious and generously cushioned seat has a low 30.3 inch (770 mm) seat height that delivers a comfortable experience for both the rider and passenger
  • Rubber-covered, large-sized footpegs add even more comfort to the ride
  • Well-spaced tubular handlebar and control levers make guiding the VanVan an easy task
  • Compact round 60/55W headlight, chrome body turn signals and bold, distinctively designed rear combination light bring classic functionality to the VanVan
  • Convenient one-piece grab bar with luggage hooks for cargo strap attachment points
  • Fender mounted pouch provides storage for the owner’s manual and hand tools

2017 Suzuki VanVan 200 Photo Gallery



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