Sidi Livia Rain Women’s Boots Review | 10k Miles Test

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Sidi Livia Rain Review | Long-Term Test

Sidi Livia Rain - Women's Motorcycle Boots
Sidi Livia Rain

It doesn’t rain much in Southern California, so it’s unexpected that the Sidi Livia Rain ladies boots have been my everyday commuting-to-work and casual canyon-riding boots for two years. What that immediately tells you is how comfortable, secure-feeling, and resilient the Livia Rain boots are.

In the Livia Rain, Sidi brings us a well-constructed, technical-light riding boot for women. Not simply a man’s boot in a smaller size, the Livia Rain is Italian-designed to follow the narrower shape of feminine feet, and the size is true to fit.

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Exceedingly easy to slip into—I’ve never used the rear pull strap designed to help ease into the boot—the Sidi Livia Rain boots have a stretch panel alongside the zipper which provides a little give when zipping closed, as well as keeps the fit tidy. An inner gaiter runs the full length of the boot, so once zipped up and with the outer Velcro flaps (also full-length) secured, your lower legs and feet are well protected from the elements, though not sweaty.

The liner is waterproof—I only tested it in light rain—yet breathable, so even though the Livia Rain boots have no venting, they are easily three-season boots. When summer hits, if your ride is long or the temps reach into the high 90s or above, as they recently did in SoCal, your feet will definitely get a bit toasty.

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Sidi Livia Rain boots have internal heel, ankle, and toe protection, something important to me since my commute entails full-speed freeway riding (on the way home, at least). For comfort, there’s an internal toe shift pad, and for durability, an outer traction pad (with an aesthetically matching pad on the right boot). After two years of use, there’s no sign of wear and tear on the shift pad—impressive.

With padding along the shin, as well as flexible panels at the Achilles heel and bridge of the foot, both riding and walking in the Sidi Livia Rain boots is completely comfortable. The inner sole has a removable arch support pad for those with flatter feet.

Importantly, there have been no surprises when touching down at a stop. The Livia Rain boots have a non-slip sole that provides secure footing on the pegs and the street. Reflective piping and detail on three sides of the boots add a bit of welcome visibility to the black boots at night.

Well constructed in Sidi’s Romanian factory, they are double-stitched along stress points. I’ve put almost 10,000 miles on my Livia Rain boots and they are still going strong.

For casual riding and day-to-day commuting chores, the Sidi Livia Rain women’s motorcycle boots are a perfect match—protective enough for peace of mind, comfortable and easy to swap in and out of, and wrapped in Italian style. There’s a reason I keep pulling these boots out of my closet every day.

Sidi Liva Rain Women’s Boots Fast Facts

  • Color: Black
  • Sizes: 37-43 (Euro) / 5.5-10.5 (US)
  • Sidi Liva Rain Women’s Boots Price: $230 MSRP

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