Fly Racing Kinetic Trifecta Mesh Riding Gear Review

Fly Racing Kinetic Trifecta Mesh Riding Gear price

Fly Racing Kinetic Trifecta Mesh Riding Gear Review

Fly Racing Kinetic Trifecta Mesh Riding Gear Review

While even standard off-road motorcycle and motocross apparel is impressively vented, when the temperatures start to approach the triple digit mark, it is time to go for some summer-specialized gear such as Fly Racing Kinetic Trifecta Mesh Racewear.

A set of pants and jersey, the Fly Racing Kinetic Trifecta Mesh Racewear takes the features that make the standard Kinetic Racewear professional-grade, and add additional ventilation to make it possible to ride on the hottest days of summer.

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The Kinetic Trifecta Mesh Pants are the most impressive of the duo, with a chassis that is almost entirely 840D nylon mesh. Lacking much in the way of form when you’re holding them, the Kinetic Mesh pants go on easily and have plenty of room for my Alpinestars Fluid Tech Carbon knee braces—something that is not always the case with summer-focused gear.

Flexibility feels unlimited, as where there is not mesh, you’ll find huge accordion flex panels. U-shaped stretch areas run from the lower back to the back of the knees, and from the crotch down to the inside of each knee.

The knees themselves are also fully articulated. If you want freedom of movement, the Fly Racing Kinetic Trifecta Mesh Pants are an easy choice.

About the only places you won’t find mesh or stretch panels is in the seat (due to high wear and comfort) and the inside of the knees (as you want the leather heat shields with Kevlar stitching to resist exhaust and engine heat). Highly malleable rubber logos on the front of the knees also offer abrasion resistance for the pants and your knees should there be a fall on hard ground.

For me, the most noticeable increases in airflow are in the crotch and knee areas. Just standing in the pits, if there is any breeze at all, you will feel air flowing through those areas. Once you get riding, that feeling of freedom due to the flex panels and the airflow helps ward off fatigue from heat, extending your riding days and season. These pants are indispensable.

Other noteworthy features include the fitting system—a slightly right side buckling belt (nice if you’re not rail thin), and a left side wide-range hook-and-loop buckle. A slightly fiddly retention system uses a hook-and-loop strap to stop unintended zipper drops.

There is also a loose mesh interior liner, and a no-cuff ankle, both of which are comfort enhancers.

Although standard jerseys use plenty of mesh, the Fly Racing Kinetic Trifecta Mesh Jersey goes one step further and offers an all mesh design. Mesh count varies, with the most open mesh on the panel from the armpits to the waist and lower back, plus the panels from the armpits to the wrists.

Suffice to say, the Kinetic Trifecta Mesh Jersey is lightweight and has almost no restrictions to airflow. The raglan cut is comfortable, and there is a nice little roost protector in the apex of the soft, flexible V-neck. About the only thing missing are the silicone strips on the jersey to help keep it tucked in. Fortunately, the interior waist on the pants has the sticky stuff and I didn’t have any untucking issues.

The fit of the Kinetic Trifecta Mesh Jersey is standard—roomy, but not sloppy—so it works for me whether I’m riding with or without my Forcefield Armor Pro Shirt X-V, which I wear even on the hottest days when riding fast is on the menu.

Despite the Trifecta name, the third piece of the summer puzzle—matching gloves—is missing, and the standard Kinetic gloves from Fly Racing don’t have airflow as a strong point.

The Fly Racing Kinetic Trifecta Mesh Pants and Jersey set are an essential piece of equipment for riding in the hottest heat. Tested at low speed (trials riding), medium speed (trail bikes) and high speed (racing), they are comfortable in temperatures from the 70s all the way up to triple-digits, and have the features you expect from professional-level off-road and motocross apparel, regardless of the time of the year.

Fly Racing Kinetic Trifecta Mesh Jersey and Pants Fast Facts

Colors: Red/White/Blue, Teal/Pink/Black, Flo Orange/Black, Hi-Vis/Teal
Sizes: Pants, 26-40; Jersey, Youth XL to Adult 2XL
Prices: Pants, $110; Jersey, $37

Photography by Kelly Callan

Fly Racing Kinetic Trifecta Mesh Riding Gear Review



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