iXS Strada Review | Streetwise Motorcycle Footwear

iXS Strada Review | Streetwise Motorcycle Footwear

iXS Strada Review

iXS Strada Review | Streetwise Motorcycle FootwearIf you’ve paid attention to motorcycle fashion in the past few years, boots that are styled as street shoes have grown in popularity.

The iXS Strada shoe is the latest streetwise piece of protective motorcycle footwear.  At first glance, they’re comparable to the skate and BMX shoes I wear daily. iXS went with a full waterproof leather outer shell and a SoltoTEX membrane to ensure waterproofing. When it comes to foot protection, leather or an equal synthetic is the way to go, mainly because of abrasion and puncture risk when that unplanned dismount occurs.

iXS Strada Review comfortIn some cases, waterproofing can become a bit stuffy, and manufacturers work incredibly hard to reduce that swampy feeling. But where some makers have failed, iXS have succeeded. I’ve used the iXS Strada for a few weeks – in the cold mornings, all the way through my work day and into the evening. Throughout those temperature changes, I haven’t experienced any adversities.

The iXS Strada uses an extremely comfortable foot bed with plush lining throughout the shoe. Getting them on and off is quite easy thanks to a side zipper; you’ll be able to fine tune your fitment with the laces. If I have one complaint regarding the Strada, it’s the liner inside the zipper. Sometimes, it manages to sneak its way into the zipper and cause some binding, so my advice is to pull the liner together while zipping.

What’s the difference between this and your average skate or BMX shoe? Protection and motorcycle functionality. The iXS Strada is manufactured in accordance with EN 13634 in all areas, except the bootleg height. The Strada, as mentioned before, uses a 100-percent leather outer shell, abrasion-proof rubber sole, and is relative to a high-top sneaker that offers a much greater level of angle protection over street shoes and some boots. Complete with a reinforced heel cap and a bit of stiffness in impact zones, you may think that it’d be uncomfortable to walk, but I assure you, it isn’t.

iXS Strada priceOne appreciated feature is the sole – where the rubber meets the road, or in this case, foot pegs. Like many sport-riding boots, there is an indentation where the ball of your foot rests on the peg. The Strada borrows that same feature and throws it in this discreet little number.

When it comes to mucking about around town and wearing a comfortable shoe at work, the iXS Strada meets all the requirements. And let’s be honest, if it was the looks that turned you off to getting some motorcycle oriented footwear, iXS is making it hard to keep that argument up. So play it safe and check out the iXS Strada.

The iXS Strada is available in a wide variety of sizes but currently only in the black. MSRP is set at $209.


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