Motorcycle Mover LA | SoCal’s Only Moto Transportation Company

Motorcycle Mover LA | California's Only Moto Transportation Company Ducati

Motorcycle Mover LA

Transporting a motorcycle can be a process. To move a motorcycle, a pick up truck, trailer or toy hauler is the most common vehicle or piece of equipment to use however what happens if you are one of the motorcyclists that does not possess such equipment? What happens when you break down on the side of the highway, need a lift to the shop, or simply need your bike delivered to another location?

Enter Motorcycle Mover LA, Southern California’s dedicated motorcycle only transportation company. Motorcycle Mover LA provides not just roadside assistance but also premiere transportation services for individual motorcyclists, major dealerships, OEM’s and film industry productions.

“Motorcycle Mover LA is unique in that—yes, we offer everyday riders roadside assistance but we also specialize in white glove, door-to-door service for owners of high-end luxury and vintage motorcycles and personal and attentive transportation for major brand manufactures and dealerships,” says Vincent Spina, Co-Founder of Motorcycle Mover LA. “We are incredibly proud to offer this service because every one of our staff members are long time motorcyclists as well as qualified transporters.  We understand our customers and believe they deserve the best.”

But what makes Motorcycle Mover LA different from any of the other Joe Schmo with a truck or the local AAA or tow company? It comes down to a number of factors including their attention to detail but also a unique and secure towing system from AmeriDeck.

“Our AmeriDeck platform is a hydraulic system designed specifically for the commercial motorcycle industry. It completely eliminates chance for damage during critical stages of transport and allows one person—in our case our driver—to safely and securely, load and unload any motorcycle,” says Spina.

Motorcycle Mover LA is the west coast authorized distributor of the AmeriDeck, the system is installed on all their trucks.

For Southern California riders Motorcycle Mover LA is available and on-call whenever you need them. They also coordinate motorcycle transportation nationally. To find out more about this small business serving our community, individual motorcyclists, small businesses and major companies, visit them at Motorcycle Mover LA and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.


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