Doug Henry Supercross Legend

Supercross Champ Doug Henry | Honoree at Boston SX
Doug Henry

The Legends and Heroes tour will honor Supercross and MX champ Doug Henry at the Gillette Stadium in Boston, Mass., for the 15th round of the 2016 Monster Energy Supercross series.

Doug Henry was one of the leading off-road names in the 90s. From Milfort, Conn., Henry achieved a combined total of 25 pro Supercross and motocross wins, as well as four AMA Supercross and national MX championship titles. Henry was one of the first riders to adopt 4-stroke machines at the pro level, in a time when 2-stroke engines dominated the scene.

Today, 4-stroke bikes are common place out on the racetrack but back then his competitors scoffed at his choice of engine. Doug has always been about doing things his own way and his choice to utilize 4-stroke machines has been credited by many as the pivotal turn in Supercross and MX.

When Henry won the 1997 Supercross season finale in Las Vegas aboard a Yamaha YZM 400, he began turning many heads in the industry. That victory effectively kicked open the doors and brought in new interest regarding 4-stroke engines.

The following season, he set down another milestone in MX history by claiming the first AMA National Motocross title aboard a 4-stroke powered machine. It was that title which created a perfect climate for 4-stroke domination, one that the AMA series enjoyed plenty of. When his time in MX came to an end, Henry turned to Supermoto and led the charge into the growing demographic.

In 2007 Doug suffered a catastrophic wreck that led to partial paralysis. Like those who came before him, despite his injuries, his devotion to two wheels is still ever-present. He continues to ride and compete with the help of Yamaha motorcycles. On Saturday, Henry will put down a parade lap while using his modified Yamaha YZ450F. Doug Henry will be presented with the Legends and Heroes Award by his long time and personal friend, 6-time AMA Champ, Broc Glover on the Monster Energy Supercross podium Saturday evening.