Harley-Davidson ‘Trophy Wall’ Ad Campaign Launch

Harley-Davidson 'Trophy Wall' Ad Campaign Launch
Harley-Davidson Street Glide

Harley-Davidson “Trophy Wall”

Harley-Davidson had announced an ad campaign last month titled “Live Your Legend.” The campaign was designed to show what it’s like to own a Harley, and how the bike creates lasting memories.

Many motorcycles are capable of that, and Harley’s on the right track here with its second campaign – the “Trophy Wall”. Every photo, knickknack, and roadside memento usually makes it onto a shelf in the garage above the bike, and the “Trophy Wall” – the second commercial in the “Live Your Legend” marketing campaign –  shows just that. In other words, all of the things we’ve picked up along the way.

The ad centers on the new Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special, the Motor Company’s stud cruiser that was built to see the country the way we’d all prefer – on two wheels. Nothing more than you need, the new Street Glide Special uses a High Output Twin Cam 103 engine and Project RUSHMORE technology.

Hung above the Street Glide Special are all of the cherished mementos –  photos pinned to cork board that showcase moments only experienced while out on the road. To anyone that has hung out with grizzled veterans who have put down serious mileage on bikes, we can all attest to the wealth of stories they have.

Harley-Davidson wants to tap into just that; people who have traveled and have stories to share. Harley is encouraging everyone to share their stories via the #LiveYourLegend hashtag on social media; these stories could appear on Harley-Davidson’s website.

“‘Live Your Legend'” is designed to inspire a new generation of riders to invest in experiences today that will build a richer legacy for themselves and those around them,” said Shelley Paxton, VP Global Marketing, and Brand.

Harley-Davidson 'Trophy Wall' Ad Campaign Launch
Harley-Davidson Street Glide


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