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Held Hoover Jeans Review

Held Hoover Jean Review | Simple & Practical Motorcycle JeansWhen it comes to motorcycle-riding jeans, I only have two questions: are they comfortable and do they offer some protection? Usually, that means a material that is heavy enough to handle an unplanned dismount or Kevlar lining.

The Held Hoover jean answers yes to both of those questions – very easily. The Held Hoover is straight leg, regular fit jean that leans towards the fitted side of things.

In no way is the Hoover a fitted jean, but the cut allows for a much cleaner fit than a lot of options out of the market.And after a 450-mile test ride, I can attest to their usability – they feel as good as your favorite pair of street jeans, without the often cumbersome nature that some motorcycle oriented jeans have.

So let’s get to the basics. The outer material is made up of a 100% denim cotton fabric, which gives you a higher level of comfort and range of motion. A DuPont Kevlar lining makes up the brunt of the protection here and covers you in the seat, hips, knees, thighs and into the shin. Fit is subjective but if you’re someone who needs an “athletic fit” cut, the Held Hoover work wonderfully and with the stretch fabric, you no longer have to run a size up to make sure you’ll actually fit.

Four external pockets with one key pocket, as you’d expect, round out the whole package. One of the unique features the Held Hoover jean has is the elastic stirrup. It’s a great little feature to keep your jeans in place, over your boot, just as they should be. The stirrups are removable.

Armor slots are available for the knees, but they do not come equipped with armor. However, Held manufacturers plenty of solutions on that front if you’d like some more crash protection.

The fabric is breathable, which meant riding in 80-degree plus weather didn’t faze me. I was cool and relaxed the whole ride through. They did fare well in the chillier temperature as I rode through mountainous terrain, which saw temperatures dipping down into the high 40s in the early morning.

Available both in a male and female variant, the Held Hoover’s sizing is square sizing (30 x 30, 32 x 32, 34 x 34) and available from 28 through 40 in men’s sizing and 25 to 36 in women’s. It should be noted that the female Held Hoover jean uses a stretch fabric, so for women out there who prefer that quality in their pant, you’ll be all set.

The Held Hoover jeans are simple, practical; there isn’t a lot more I could ask of them because they’ll make a great commuter, Sunday adventure or even touring option out there on the road. The jeans retail for $220; for additional information, visit Held USA.