Fly Racing Kinetic Women’s Racewear Review | Off-Road Test

Suzuki DR-Z1250L hillclimb

Dirt Testing Fly Racing Kinetic Women’s Racewear

Suzuki DR-Z1250L hillclimb

Fly Racing continues to overachieve with its great looking off-road riding gear, so much so that a non-shopper like me has moved my still completely usable set of riding gear to the back of the closet to make room for the stylish Fly Racing Kinetic Women’s Racewear, in the striking Teal/Hi-Vis Yellow colorway, of course.

Eye-catching from the word go, the latest Kinetic Women’s iteration combines a subtle feminine floral motif with angular graphics on an asymmetrical design. Designed exclusively for women, the jersey has a flattering neutral fit. Instead of relying on a relaxed cut to provide comfort, the Fly Racing Kinetic Women’s jersey has a couple of extra panels in the tail cut along the bias. This allows the fabric to stretch as you move, yet still retain its shape.

The jersey is feather-light and, with mesh panels from the tip of the shoulder to the cuff along the underside of the arm, I was never hot. There’s stretch along the back of the V-neck collar, thanks to Lycra, and this helps prevent any constriction, even when I’m wearing my Fly Racing Hydropack. Although I am a fan of the traditional wide cuff band, the shorty cuffs are surprisingly effective at keeping the sleeve from riding up my forearms without squeezing my wrists.

Fly Racing Kinetic Women's Racewear Side

Moving down to the lower half, the Fly Racing Kinetic Women’s Racewear Race pants are equally well designed, flattering, and amazingly intricate. They are constructed of various materials designed for comfort, durability, and protection.

Being able to move around your dirt bike unimpeded by your gear is hugely important, hence the generous use of stretch panels in the Kinetic Women’s Race pants—down the outer thighs, across the knees, up the inner thighs and crotch, as well as the lower legs. These pants do not bind anywhere, and I never think about them once I throw a leg over a bike.

Special attention was paid to the knees with a three-panel design, and multi-materials construction. The result is a vented, padded knee that is cut wide enough to accommodate my pair of Leatt C-Frame knee braces. The latter is especially welcome, as knee room is most often overlooked in most women’s riding pants, and women are especially susceptible to ACL injuries (I had one replaced a few years ago). For protection against the hot engine and exhaust header, there are leather heat shields on the inside of the knees.

A zipper lock system keeps the Kinetic Women’s Race pants secure via a hook-and-loop closure over the zipper that is backed up by a ratcheting belt that you adjust to fit. Finally, a generous length asymmetrical hook-and-loop tab on the left side of the waist allows the final personalization.

The expected longer tail cut—combined with the stay-put silicon on the inside of the back waist band of the pants—means my jersey never comes untucked, no matter how much crouching, bending, or tumbling I do. Clearly, Jason Anderson does not wear Fly gear, though his Husqvarna Factory Racing teammate Christophe Pourcel does.

Small details include the customizable leg cuffs for those who prefer no elastic band—a small opening on the inside of the cuff cleverly allows you to easily remove the elastic without tearing up the seams. Also, there’s an internal key pocket at the waistband.

The lightweight Fly Racing Kinetic Women’s gloves have a cropped cut across the top of the wrist and the polyester/Lycra chassis has a snug but soft, flexible fit. Leather reinforces the palm and thumb, and silicone grip on the index and middle digits are a great feature, keeping my fingers secure on the levers. The gloves close with a durable adjustable leather hook-and-loop strap. The lightweight feel comes at the expense of roost and impact protection for your fingers.

Making great use of color, graphics, and design, the Fly Racing Kinetic Women’s Racewear jersey, pants, and gloves are a super comfortable, durable, and stylish ensemble, and have become my go-to moto gear.

Fly Racing Kinetic Women’s Racewear Prices: Pants: $110; Jersey: $35; Gloves: $30
Teal/Hi-Vis Yellow; Purple/Blue; Pink/White

Location photography by Don Williams


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