iXS Attack EVO Boots Review

iXS Attack EVO Boots Review | Motorcycle Boot Test
iXS Attack EVO Boots

I tend to have a tough time with motorcycle boots. I’m usually in-between sizes, but thankfully iXS Attack Evo boots fit properly. This is one boot that provides top-quality features at a budget price.

The iXS Attack Evo is a function over form boot. Simplistic in design, it blends in with just about any type of motorcycle gear, from cruiser to sport. A simplistic design matters to me – nothing on this boot gets hung up. All zippers are tucked away nicely under Velcro closures.

All of the features that you’d want in a touring-, commuter- or cruiser-focused boot are available, highlighted by protection. With an exterior comprised of water-resistant calf nappa leather, the iXS Attack Evo has a sleek, uniform appearance and is pliable when enough to allow good movement when putting them on or walking. You’ll see your standard rubber gear lever protection, as well as a toe-and-heel cap that give the boot some serious rigidity in high impact zones.

Being a sport bike guy, I tend to be weary of boots that don’t have things like torsion control. The Attack Evo doesn’t utilize that sort of technology but it isn’t flappable either. The boot features a healthy amount of ankle and shin protection, meaning it can take a hit to the front area and protect you.

Despite the boot being quite solid, it’s incredibly comfortable due to the ample amount of padding and the front-to-back flexibility. To be honest, these boots are a lot more comfortable that most of the street shoes that I wear. The rubber, abrasion proof sole is relative to a typical workman’s boot and is excellent for grip, even with wider foot pegs.

I happened to be using these boots in a bit more chilly weather and found them to keep me warm without overheating. iXS uses a soltoTEX membrane that does the job quite well. You don’t end up with swampy feet; the iXS Attack Evo does a great job of keeping you at a reasonable temperature.

The iXS Attack Evo list at $159, which places it in the sweet spot for a quality boot that could easily be used as your daily commuter boot or taking on the next touring trip you have planned. For additional information, visit iXS.