2016 AMA Ice Race Championship

2016 AMA Ice Race Championship at Pontiac Lake Postponed
Ice Racing on Pontiac Lake

For residents of the mid-west, the postponement of the 2016 American Motorcyclist Association Ice Race Grand Championship, which was set to take place February 13 and 14 at the Pontiac Lake Recreation Area in Waterford, Mich., won’t come as a shock due to the uncharacteristically warm weather they’ve been receiving this past winter.

“With the winter months being warmer than usual, the ice is not solid enough for safe competition,” said AMA Track Racing Manager Ken Saillant. “The AMA and the promoter, White Lake Racing, have decided to postpone the event until further notice. We hope that the weather conditions will change and we will be able to get on the ice at a later date.”

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The event, prior to this weather interruption, was to feature AMA National No. 1 plate holders throughout a wide array of classes on the oval track on Saturday and following up with the Grand Prix, Sunday. Saturday night was also to feature a non-championship rubber tire endure race, held under the lights. Unfortunately, given the circumstances, these fun events are getting sidelined. Once things are in order and conditions allow it, it will be business as usual.

At the event, when it conditions are suitable, is to allow one rider to claim the AMA’s Ice Racer of the Year award. Past winners have included: Kaley Johnson, Allen Rabinette, Parker Norris and Kyle Johnson. Youth riders aren’t being left out either as there will be a Youth Ice Racer of the Year award being handed out as well. Past youth winners of the award have included: Emmet Sund, Christopher Blackmer, Nathan Gross and Jace Kessler. Lastly, the AMA ATV Ice Racer of the Year award will be given out to a qualifying ATV rider.

The AMA Ice Racing Grand Championship features classes for riders from 4 years old to 50-plus competing on bikes that range from lightly modified off-road machines to full-on, purpose-built ice racers.

Competitors from 4 years to 50+ will be found at the AMA Ice Racing Grand Championship, ranging from the barely modified off-road machines to purpose built ice racing vehicles.

For more information about the event, as well as continual updates as to when things will get under way, please visit www.whitelakeracing.com