REV’IT! #95 Project – A Daring AWD Adventure Bike | Photo Gallery

REV’IT! #95 Project - A Daring AWD Adventure Bike | Photo Gallery
REV’IT! #95 Project - A Daring AWD Adventure Bike | Photo Gallery front profile
REV’IT! #95 Project

Meet the REV’IT! #95 Project “Ultimate” AWD adventure bike, a daring creation based on a KTM 950 Super Enduro customized with an AWD Chrisitini kit (*review to follow).

Can we say different? The #95 is one of the boldest statements to bounce of the rev limiter in the world of adventure motorcycling, and arrives on the scene during REV’IT!’s 20th anniversary as an apparel manufacturer.

The idea for #95 arrived shortly after the Netherlands-based REV’IT! had finished the designs for its 2015 Spring/Summer apparel collection – one for the rider who “double dares to travel further, to dream bigger, and to break boundaries.” This apparel lineup was also built with the 20th anniversary in mind, and the #95 Project was the only way to compliment it.

The #95 Project – spearheaded by REV’IT!’s creative director Gerbrand Aarts – began as a KTM 950 Super Enduro. The Austrian bike was redesigned from the bottom up, and features an AWD Christini kit.

Aarts brought together Gregor Halenda, Chris Cosentino and Scott Kolb, “a skilled team of artists, designers and engineers with decades of combined experience in the shop and in the saddle.” In four months, these four – lead by Aarts – designed and built the “ultimate” adventure enduro.

REV’IT! #95 Project - A Daring AWD Adventure Bike | Photo Gallery rear view“Over the years, our products’ complexities have increased alongside their functionalities,” says lead designer Aarts. “All REV’IT! products are highly technical with iconic, straightforward design. This design vision has been transmitted to the motorbike, which features advanced technology in a simple and honest presentation, putting the parts that improve the rider’s experience on display.”

Speaking technically of the bike, REV’IT! says “The Christini-based system on the REV’IT!#95 transfers power off the countershaft sprocket through a custom-made system of gears and shafts, to the headstock where it’s converted again to two counter-rotating drive shafts.

“These deliver power to the front hub via a one-way free hub. The front wheel is driven at 80 percent of the speed of the rear wheel to prevent undue torque from affecting the steering, but when the rear wheel outpaces the front, the front digs in to bring the bike into line and convert what was once wasted power and roost into forward motion.

“The practical benefit of AWD on a full-sized adventure bike is the ability to navigate through deep sand or mud – the spots where a large, weighty bike might typically get stuck. It’s the same advantage as a four wheel drive vehicle, and offers a huge bonus to the solo adventure rider: You can traverse more difficult terrain, more easily.”

For more on #95 and its latest apparel products, visit REV’IT!.

* We were invited to Tellico Plains, Tenn., during the March Moto Madness to ride the REV’IT! #95 Project before it hit the public eye. The bike did more than spark interest anywhere we went, but unfortunately, our ride was cut short due to some technical issues following a few wheelies. We’ll have a full review coming shortly of the REV’IT! #95 Project.

For now, here are the specs followed by a photo gallery featuring 20 images courtesy of REV’IT!

REV’IT! #95 Project - A Daring AWD Adventure Bike | Photo Gallery headlightREV’IT! #95 Project Specs:

  • Christini 2WD conversion kit
  • Woody’s billet hub rims with Excel hoops and stainless steel spokes
  • Continental Twinduro TKC80 Dual Sport Tires: 180/55B17 rear, 120/70B19 front
  • Fredette Racing studded ice tires
  • SKAT-TRAK custom paddle sand tires
  • custom stainless steel exhaust with Cone Engineering stainless megaphones
  • Anti-Gravity lightweight Lithium Nano-Phosphate battery
  • Moto-Master disc, caliper and master cylinder upgrade
  • Kuryakyn Phase 7 LED 7″ Headlamp
  • Ironman rear sprocket
  • DID x-ring chains
  • Evo Air Foot-pegs
  • Highway Dirt Bikes bark busters/mirrors
  • iPhone 6 compatible mount with charger
  • aluminum weld-in fuel filler cap
  • Keihen 41mm FCR carburetor conversion
  • Cosentino Engineering billet velocity stacks
  • low temperature fan thermostat switch
  • Chrome Glow LED taillight/turn signals
  • custom aluminum 12 gallon fuel tank
  • custom steel subframe
  • custom leather seat
  • custom windscreen


REV’IT #95 Project Photo Gallery: