Yamaha’s Cole Martinez | Exclusive Supercross Interview

Yamaha's Cole Martinez | Exclusive Supercross Interview

Yamaha's Cole Martinez | Exclusive Supercross InterviewFor 2015 Supercross, Cole Martinez joined the Strikt/Slatyon Yamaha team, contesting in the 250SX Western Regional Championship aboard the YZ250F. He competed as a privateer since 2008, and for 2015 his main goal was to break into the top 10. This occurred at Anaheim III when the Arizona native earned 10th. Following is an interview with Martinez, who has three races remaining in Western 250SX.

Ultimate MotorCycling’s Andrew Oldar: Coming into the 2015 season, what changes have you made to your training program?

Strikt/Slaton/Yamaha’s Cole Martinez: Tons of things – much more cycling and a lot more stuff on the bike. I had an awesome off-season.
UMC: Your results have been steadily improving since the beginning of the season. What do you attribute that to?

CM: Well, I honestly think a few things. At A1, I was running 8th or 9th and got taken out. Then I got sick for a couple weeks after that, so I felt like I wanted to come back strong and prove to myself what I can do.
UMC: What is it like training with Cooper Webb?

CM: It’s awesome having a guy like Cooper to ride with during the week. It keeps the intensity high!
UMC: You achieved your best result of the 2015 season so far at Anaheim 3. What was it about that race that was clicking for you?

CM: The track was fairly technical and I think that helped. I finally wasn’t sick, so I just put my head down and charged the whole time.
UMC: How has your bike set-up been so far this season?

CM: The Strikt/Slaton/Yamaha has been awesome, the suspension has been unreal thanks to the guys at Enzo Racing and the motors have been strong. I couldn’t be happier.
UMC: Of the first six rounds of the west coast series, what is your opinion of the tracks so far this year?

CM: I think a few of the tracks were super easy and a few didn’t have a very good flow. All in all, everyone’s racing the same track, so we just have to deal with them.
UMC: What changes would you like to see with the track layouts?

CM: Better flow. I find some of them haven’t flowed very well this season.
UMC: How do you plan to spend your time during the eight-week break of the Western Regional series?

CM: Mainly just training and getting my fitness better so I can finish out the Supercross season strong, and go into outdoors strong as well.
UMC: In what areas do you feel you need to improve on for the remainder of the series?

CM: The starts to get up front, stay focused the whole race, and just worry about myself out there.
UMC: Leading into Houston, have you set any goals for yourself for the remainder of the season?

CM: Yeah, I mean they’re the same goals I’ve had all season. Get good starts, stay up front, and get some single-digit finishes!

Photo by BrownDogWilson