Portugal’s NEXX Helmets Launches NEXX North America

Portugal’s NEXX Helmets Launches NEXX North America

Portugal’s NEXX Helmets Launches NEXX North America

NEXX Helmets, a business under NEXXPro, is based in Portugal and has had operations in European markets for some time, but now the Nexx brand will be handled by its new operation Nexx North America Corp. for the United States and Canada.

NEXX North America will assume operational responsibility beginning on March 1, which will include distribution of helmets and accessories, technical and customer support. The company also announced it will be rolling out a new collection for 2015 in March.

NEXX Helmets includes a range of half helmets, full coverage open face, full face and “Maxi-Jet” helmets that have a removable chin bar feature—the X40 Maxi-Jet helmets hold only ECE/22-05 certification at this point, but the remaining models in the product line hold U.S. DOT, ECE/22-05 and NBR-7471:2001 approvals. (For more on helmet safety certification standards, see our coverage here).

Shell composition is described as X-MATRIX (multiaxial fiberglass, 3D organic fibers, special aramid fibers and carbon reinforcement) for most models though the SX-10 half helmet models utilize a ATR/PC shell but carry the same approvals.

Many models include internal tinted sun visors, as well as Pinlock-ready Lexan face shields, micro-metric retention strap buckles (not the usual double D ring fasteners), removable comfort liners and are communications gear-ready. The company also offers Bluetooth intercom equipment options.

In 2012, NEXXPro achieved ISO 9001 Certification for its quality and reliability standards and systems.

“NEXX North America will tap the growth potential of the NEXX brand backed directly from the Mother Company NEXXPro. Improving service to our customers is a priority at NEXX North America and with a new and qualified team we will strengthen the commitment to ensuring the very best experience from both product and service perspectives,” said Ricardo Silva, Director of Operations.

For additional information, visit Nexx Helmets.

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