Harley Rolls Out 120CI Screamin’ Eagle SE120ST Crate Motor

Harley-Davidson SE120ST engine

Harley Screamin’ Eagle 120CI Crate Engine

Harley Rolls Out 120CI Screamin' Eagle SE120ST Crate Motor

Ever felt that 96 or 103 or 110 cubic inches just isn’t enough, especially with the new Indian Thunderstroke out there with 111 cubic inches?

Well, Harley-Davidson has the solution. Now, for selected models, you can order up a genuine H-D motor in Screamin’ Eagle trim that displaces 120 cubic inches. The punch delivered by all that displacement is in these numbers: 106 horsepower and 117 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheel.

The new Screamin’ Eagle SE120ST Crate Motor (P/N 19221-15, $5,695, installation labor cost not included) from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts and Accessories is factory-engineered to pump up street performance and is designed for bolt-in installation in an original equipment-style Harley-Davidson Touring chassis with no required fabrication or engine mount relocation.

The motor comes equipped with a Screamin’ Eagle 58mm Throttle Body that’s 18 percent larger than stock. The crankcase, cylinders and heads are painted black and feature machined aluminum highlights and chrome covers. For best performance, Harley-Davidson recommends combining this engine with a Screamin’ Eagle 58mm High-Flow Air Cleaner (P/N 29400222, $159.95) and a Screamin’ Eagle High Flow Exhaust System (P/N 64800022, $1,299.95).

The SE120ST engine was developed and tested in Milwaukee and is street-legal when used with original equipment mufflers or Screamin’ Eagle Street Performance Exhaust System P/N 64800022. All EFI models require ECM calibration. Engines delivered in the United States include Manufacturers Statement of Origin. Engine includes a one-year warranty. See an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer for details.

The Screamin’ Eagle SE120ST Performance Crate Engine is designed to fit:

• 49-state 2015-later Touring models. Does not fit Twin-Cooled models.
• Certification is pending for California 2015-later Touring models.
• Certification is also pending for all 50 states 2010 – 2014 Touring models.

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Screamin’ Eagle SE120ST Spec Sheet:

• 4.060 big-bore cylinders
• 4 5/8-inch stroke SE Pro stroker flywheel and rod assembly
• 10.5:1 high-compression nickel-plated forged pistons with Teflon® coated skirt
• Titanium SST piston rings
• SE-259E high-lift cams
• Perfect Fit push rods
• SE high-performance lifters
• CNC-ported MVA heads with automatic compression release
• SE Pro High-Flow 58mm EFI Throttle Body, high flow injectors and manifold clamps
• Machined lower rocker boxes for valve spring collar clearance
• Factory-machined engine cases
• Unique piston oilers for stroker clearance
• SE inner crankcase full complement cam needle bearings
• SE Lefty high-performance crankcase output bearing and nitride bearing race
• SE Performance spark plugs
• 120ST cam cover and cylinder head medallions

For additional information, visit www.h-d.com.


  1. $7,000+ for 106 hp ? to haul around a third of a ton motorcycle ? 7 lbs per Hp ?
    very, very , very limp-wristed.
    Buy a stock Harley for $18k and then to get “some” mild performance for another $7k ?
    simply pathetic Harley, pathetic.

  2. 106 hp… how limp-wristedly pathetic Harley…
    a kit for $7k because the stock bike is so underpowered.
    bad (ancient) design, bad engineering… bikes for posers
    and other useless unimaginative RUPs (Rich Urban Posers).

  3. its a bike for real men,not squid trollers like you.that motor un epa’d will do about 135 140 hp easily with the same tq. lots of power and a manly heavy bike lets just say super heavyweight.not some plastic tinker toylike stamped chicken shit like you ride. expensive,heavy because of quality parts ,flywheels bigger than your head and that manly biker sound,you know the type that beat the crap out of jap bike homos on their little 200 lb plastic queers bike. the other brands are not even motorcycles but cheap 4 banger car engines shoved in a frame and nobody buys them but queers.get a life faggot

  4. Iam with you brother if isn’t Harley your on a girls bike, for me it’s not always about speed. It’s an American symbol.

  5. Still cant hang with my V-Rods. I understand tradition and all, but this same motor with a cooling system would be cranking STUPID numbers. You could probably tune it to 300HP.

    I was so disappointed when the rumor that the Road Glide and the V Rod were to be merged proved to be false.

  6. Little worried. I currently have a CVO Breakout 110. No good in traffic. Runs very hot. I would think the 120 will run hot also.

  7. For u it’s not speed, reliability, handling or power. It’s about being a follower and being accepted by your peers due to low self esteem. Enjoy

  8. Shit kawasaki V2K stock has more power than that and you can buy the whole bike for 6 Gs Push Rod Motor with liquid cooliong harley is not American made anymore might as well use the tech from japan.

  9. I had a Harley RK 103. Decent bike. I have a new Indian, Love it. I have a Triumph rocket III, not a girls bike. Every bit the cruiser heavy weight, with SO much more power and torque. I had all 3, sold the Harley.

  10. “heavy because of quality parts”
    Have you never heard of titanium, carbon fiber or magnesium?

    For the money the Ducati Diavel beats this thing in every category. INCLUDING the exhaust note :)

  11. What insight. In actuality, usually authentic motorcyclists know that heavier isn’t better..in fact it’s considered a negative. Do the world a favor and don’t go designing aircraft.

    An engine for this price putting out performance numbers that the Japanese were doing in 1983. And even those engines from that era were still likely 3 times as advanced, reliable and durable as this thing. I’d be willing to bet this latest boat anchor accessory, marketed to gullible suckers, is a 30k mile engine at best. Although unless the dive bars and taverns are 100 miles between each other, the average Harley “rider” will never see that mileage.

    Don’t go labeling those who could be classified more as “riders” and not “owners” because they made a better buy for the money for a bike that just works better, and isn’t in it for some bogus image. Get your head out of the sand.

  12. Most Harley riders are posers who are defined by their bike. You know
    who you are, you went from khakis and polos to leathers and only over
    priced Harley T-Shirts. You have to put a Harley sticker on every car
    you own because most of the time your Harley is in the garage (broke
    down) or you are too much of a wuss to ride if it gets below 60 degrees.
    You brag about American made, but your Harley sticker fits nicely on
    the back of your Toyota. Anyone who spends in excess of $30K on a
    motorcycle plus upgraded engine is compensating for something. I know
    that for less than half of the price, I will still have a more reliable
    bike with more power.

  13. If the Harley guys really wanted to ride around on a disposable high hp bike, they could. The thing is, they don’t want or have to. Some folks grow up and quit riding kids bikes, some don’t. If I can put $50k into a bike, I can ride whatever I want and it’s not a kids bike.

  14. just the opposite, Harley riders are the ones with a superiority complex. As for the plastic bike comment, I ride a chromed out cruiser with a 113 cu in motor that out performs any Harley in its class.

  15. Yeah I had a Raider too, when I test rode my Street Glide I thought …what the f^ck have I been waiting for….

  16. Beautiful engine!! I love all the sport bikers posting how much faster they are. Harley isn’t about speed you jerks!! you don’t have anything to compare to the low end torque of HD’s engines!! We like to ride and not see if we can break all the speed laws or sound like mad bumblebees!! We ride to live and to push that much motorcycle around takes torque! A plastic and more plastic bike can’t compare to the power and music of the HD brand.

  17. Typical Harley rider response. You will have plenty of opportunities to push it when it breaks down. You should probably get rid of all of your Jap electronics as well.

  18. You have a typical moron response. My bike has 40k on it and it never breaks down. So you are talking out your ass. I would much rather the whole bike was made in the USA, but I have been riding Harley since 1981. I will continue with Harley forever.

  19. A lot of Harley parts are not made in the USA. I do not have a problem with Harleys, just the guys who ride them who have to get in character like the “Wild Hogs” before they ride. My good friend tells me that he always wears leathers because of the protection, but wears a $2 bandanna on his head instead of a helmet.

  20. How is the truth idiotic? Face reality. Idiotic is paying the price Harley wants for a stock bike with what, something like 65 HP? The Screaming Eagle engines are what Harley should include AS STOCK, then just MAYBE they would be SLIGHTLY competitive with other manufacturers dollar for dollar. You might as well buy a scooter for a whole lot less than the $20 grand HD wants, simply because you’ll go faster.

  21. Yeah, a symbol of how undereducated most Americans are to buy overweight, overpriced, and underpowered dildo yachts just to fit in with other sheeple.

  22. I don’t see where heavy weight equates to being manly or how it can make a motorcycle better in ANY way. Especially when the frames of most Japanese sport bikes are stronger than those of a Harley. That comes from engineering, something those at Harley know so little about as Harley constantly has to go to other companies in order to have any innovation. Harley Quality? Yeah I call total bullshit on that one- not even close to that of Japanese motorcycles. And those little faggots you talk about so much? Why don’t you ask Willie G. Davidson what he and his boyfriend have been up to lately? Talk about a queer.

  23. Presumably if he crashes he’ll throw his arms around his head to protect it? LOL
    I don’t want to turn this into a helmet/no helmet discussion but like you Jim, I don’t get it.

  24. Makes the Triumph Rocket III and the old Kawasaki V2K even more desirable at a fraction of the cost and 10X the reliability. If HD is going to introduce a lager size engine introduce something better than anything ever built. I’d fire the HD Director of Marketing and Development.

  25. Former Harley man, till the prices drove me elsewhere. I’m now back on Kaw 2000 with my stock 125 CI, 116 hp advertised (114 hp dyno’d). Still effing bigger, stock for stock, at about a third the price, than Harley’s super Screaming Eagle biggest dream. Get a life Harley if you’re reaching for power!

  26. I have a 2005 ultra classic it has 112,000 miles I ride often as possible it starts the first time everytime I have had it over 100 miles per hour it has been from one end of this great nation to the other more than once not trailered by the way as far as price goes some people work harder to afford the better things in life I am not rich but I don’t eat mcdonalds I have had Hondas Suzuki yahama I prefer an American made product some people see it as a status I see it as supporting my country the land where I live and call home we don’t buy Harley Davidson as track bikes or race bikes we buy them to tour this great nation on to feel free to get in the wind and if you cant afford one don’t cry about it get off your ass and work for it.

  27. There is no bike in the world like a Harley Davidson. Jap bikes are cheap anyway, so cannot compare it to a Harley.

  28. 144,000 miles on my 2007 Harley. Not all Harley riders are ‘posers’. And what gives you guys the right to tell other people what to buy or ride? You buy what you like, and let others ride what they like. What is all the fuss about?

  29. Harleys are not about hp, they are about low end torque. This engine puts 117 ft-lbs of torque to the rear wheel. Is there any other bike mentioned in this discussion that does that? Some people like screaming hp, others like rolling thunder torque. To each his own. There is no bad motorcycle. They are all good.

  30. I own a Roadliner, and it has plenty of low end torque. As for the idiots who think that metric cruisers are cheap, and people only buy them because they can’t afford Harleys, you are delusional. I have the means to buy a Harley, but would prefer to buy a better engineered product that does not shake and break. And for the people who only buy US products, I respect that, but more than half of the people park their Harley next to a Japanese or other foreign car.

  31. Wow…so much of this thread is just sad. So much hate for no good reason. Good we’re not talking about something really important. Don’t want to imagine what that might sound like. These are motorcycles, and the new engine is probably what some will want. Don’t like Harley’s, so what. Buy something else that fit’s the image of the group you think you’d rather show you’re a part of. Talk about having to put others down for what they like so you can convince yourself that your bike or you are superior. News flash: not everybody needs to think or act like you, or want the same things you want. By now you should have learned that. Maybe when you grow up you’ll become more tolerant of others, and learn to live and let live. For now, better you refrain from future posts, and keep your hate to yourself. Air pollution is a problem here in CA.

  32. Torque matters, but I’ve never built a hot rod Harley. I’ve got better uses for money that will give me a motorcycle that will honestly be able to get its power to the ground and go fast, along with handling well to boot. A Harley is about the shittiest platform to try to make a high performance motorcycle with. Throwing thousands of dollars at a Harley Davidson trying to make it go faster is about as smart as paying a hooker to cuddle.

  33. Harleys easily go to 130 mph. How much faster do you want to go? It is not just about speed, it is about the looks, feel and sound of a motorcycle. No Japanese motorcycle or any other motorcycle looks, feels or sounds like a Harley. That is why 265,000 people a year buy them. Buy what you like. Harley riders are not telling you what to buy. Why are you?

  34. 750 lbs wet weight! And everybody on these forums makes fun of Harleys for being overweight. My 2007 Softail is 700 lbs. It is good to have a “better engineered” bike, but Harley riders can spot them from a mile away, however much they may try to look like a Harley. Harley Davidson is proud to put their name right on the tank, but you would be hard put to find the name anywhere on a metric cruiser. Why is that? Are they ashamed of their name? My Softail does not “shake and break”. It has a balanced engine and is very comfortable to ride. I have 144,000 miles on it.

  35. Your comment that Harley riders can spot non Harleys a mile away suggests the superiority complex that you guys have. A Softail is not even in the same class as my bike, so don’t compare weights. You will not find another bike with the power to weight ratio of mine. You have repeatedly tried to suggest that non-Harley riders and the manufacturers of non-Harley cycles are ashamed of their bikes. I said it before, I am not defined by my motorcycles name badge, nor do I wear T-Shirts that need to remind everyone that I own it. I let the performance do the talking whenever a Harley rider decides to challenge that their product is superior. Youtube road test comparisons, and a panel of unbiased experts will say the same thing.

  36. I just bought a BMW scooter. It’s a great ride and can tour long distance. I’m an old fart and it allows me to keep rolling on two wheels. Not sure if I’m a fruit but I do enjoy it. My last bike was a 72 Harley with over 100,000 miles on it covering about half the USA and Mexico. I sold it to help buy the scooter. For what it’s worth…..

  37. The thing that irritates Harley riders about metric cruisers is why do they try to copy Harley’s design? Why don’t they come up with their own? It is worse than stealing. For example look at the Roadliner: It is almost an exact copy of a Harley: air-cooled pushrod V-twin, 48° (instead of 45°), belt drive, chrome, and all the visual details. That is why they do not put their name on the tank, because they want everyone to think it is a Harley.

  38. A Roadliner in no way tries to imitate a Harley. They went for an art deco style with the large headlight nacelle, aluminum frame and swing arm, and tank strakes. As far as an overall shape for other metric cruisers, how would you suggest building the bike to not look like a Harley, put the gas tank on the rear fender? I think the thing that really irritates the Harley rider is that they over pay just for some iconic badge, and want to fault those with common sense who refuse to sacrifice quality for a brand name. Dollar for dollar, if I had to buy an American motorcycle, it would be the Indian Chieftain. At least I would know that it was engineered for a superior ride, and I would not feel that I over paid.

  39. Congratulations, I’m glad you are happy with your personal choice. Does this mean that what you decided was the best choice for you has to be the best for everybody??? I don’t think so.

  40. It’s not all about power. Some like the nostalgia, and the distinct sound, and appreciate the build quality. If power was all that mattered they would have done away with the 45 degree V-Twin a long time ago, but then it wouldn’t have the distinct sound, and feel that keeps the HD fans coming back. I just don’t understand why people feel the need to justify their purchase by critisizing someone else???

  41. Sorry you were offended. My comment was to the guy that said all bikes other than Harleys were for girls. I have 2 cruisers, (not Harleys, nor rice burners) that will outrun his Harley, and yours. Neither cost as much, and both are just as “cool” which seems to be so important to so many.

  42. I don’t criticize Harleys, l just correct those who put down my motorcycle as an inferior product. As far as sound goes, my stock pipes give off an outstanding exhaust note. A lot of people including Harley riders purchase after market pipes because they are not satisfied with their stock sound. All of my Harley friends that asked me when I would step up to a Harley, retracted their question after our first group ride.

  43. Strike a nerve? You must be one of the wanna be Jax Teller riders who does not mind sacrificing quality for acceptance. Go back to the kid forums punk.

  44. Hi guys I mean nothing in offense to any one who rides I almost bought a Yamaha prior to my street gluide I rest rode both but it was no comparison the Harley was what I wanted

  45. I’m glad you got what you wanted, to each his own. I had the same choice and thought the opposite, but everyone has their own preferences.


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