Biker Summer 2014: Euro Motorcyclists Cover 10 Million Miles

Biker Summer 2014: Euro Motorcyclists Cover 10 Million Miles

Biker Summer 2014: Euro Motorcyclists Cover 10 Million MilesDelticom’s Biker Summer 2014 Survey

The “Biker Summer 2014” survey campaign by, the specialist bike store operated by Europe’s largest online tire dealer, Delticom, sought to answer some key questions about Europe’s motorcyclists.

For example, do they tend to ride alone, or with other bikes? How many ride in winter and does that vary substantially by country? How many kilometers — or miles — do they ride in a year?

These and other questions were answered by 1,964 participants this year from eight countries from July 15 to September 15, who rode a combined 17 million kilometers, about 10,563,000 miles. That distance is roughly equivalent to 432 times around the globe!

Based on survey respondent data, the average rider covered 8,835 km (5,489 mi) in 2014; in France the average rider covered 11,261 km (6,997 mi.), the highest annual average. The lowest annual average distance ridden was in Austria where riders covered an average of 7,674 km (4,768 mi).

Bikers in Europe prefer social riding — 47 percent prefer to ride in a group, 27 percent prefer riding two-up and only 25 percent said they preferred going it alone.

Winter riding is not that uncommon, according to the survey’s respondents. 52 percent said they ride year-round, overall, but a strong majority of those were in Spain where 85 percent of respondents say they ride year-round. Unsurprising given the superb climate in most of the country year-round. Conversely, only about 11 percent of riders in Austria get out riding in winter.

The “Biker Summer 2014” survey campaign ran simultaneously in Delticom AG’s motorbike tire shops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherland and the United Kingdom.

Participants had the chance to win prizes worth over €1,500 ($1,858 US). This kind of data has all sorts of potential applications—wouldn’t it be great if something similar was done in the U.S. or even across the Americas? Maybe a project for the Motorcycle Industry Council?