Diamond Gusset / OCC Defender V2 Motorcycle Jean Review

Diamond Gusset / OCC Defender V2 Motorcycle Jean Review

Diamond Gusset Jean Compay/Orange County Choppers Defender V2 Motorcycle Jeans Review

For those of you that are sartorially challenged, a gusset is a (usually) triangular piece of fabric sewn into the seam of a garment to add shape, strength and/or size.

It is sewn into shoulders and under arms and is most often seen, or not, at the confluence of the two inner seams running up the legs of one’s trousers where they meet the seam that extends from the zipper and runs under the crotch and up to the center of the back. By sewing a gusset into this intersection, the manufacturer changes the characteristics of, in this case, the blue jean.

The Diamond Gusset Jean Company is famous for this and states: “The original gusseted construction incorporates a ‘delta’ shaped piece of material sewn into the crotch of the jean. This allows stress to be redistributed around the crotch area, allowing greater freedom of movement, comfort and strength. As an added benefit, the original set-turn-and-topstitch construction is stronger and less thick. The result is 3-ply leg seams, and only 9-ply thick at the crotch (not 16!).”

Now, Diamond Gusset has teamed up with reality TV’s Orange County Choppers to produce the Orange County Choppers Defender 2 riding jeans, and the gusset extends fully to the knee. Mind you, it’s not something that is obvious and when pulling the Defender 2 on I find them to be simply a nice fitting and comfortable pair of pants.

I also find them to be a bit snug in my usual size, but that’s really subjective and they do look great. They are made of 100% cotton denim, stitched in a gold-tone thread and lined with Kevlar at the knees, hips and seat.

They are cut to a relaxed fit with straight legs and have a mid to higher rise that sits just below the waist. There’s a metal D-Ring at the waist and adjustable ankle tabs. They are dark washed blue with, they say, a brown tint. I only see a nice dark blue.

They have no branding other than the inner label and the typical blue jeans outside rear patch label along the belt line. The have two front and two rear patch pockets, a coin pocket and what might be a cellphone pocket on the right thigh.

I have worn and washed them a few times. They did not shrink and are only getting nicer with each washing. I wore them all day on a recent ride, and really do like the phone pocket – but I take it out and zip it in my jacket when I ride.

The Diamond Gusset Jean Company/OCC Defender 2 Jeans, which retail for $165, look good and feel good.

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