BMW Two in One Glove Review | Mid-Range Temp Excellency

BMW Two in One Glove Review
BMW Two in One Glove Review

BMW Two in One Glove Review

I like the concept of the BMW Two in One glove. It is built with two chambers and a divider down the middle. So one’s hand can be inserted in the Grip side or the Waterproof side, as they are called.

The Two in One offered excellent performance – in mid-range temperatures. For very hot or cold temperatures, you will need gloves better suited to conditions beyond the range of this pair.

The glove is of the highest quality construction, utilizing leather and SuperFabric (like artificial stingray skin for low coefficient of abrasion) on the palm with a plastic protective shell over the knuckles. They are nicely proportioned, good looking, and fit me just right.

The Grip side has only the leather palm between hand and handlebars. It’s very comfortable and its only drawback, on hot days, is the very few and small perforations. In warm climates they are hot; in the Harz Mountains, probably perfect.

The weather did not cooperate to allow testing the Waterproof chamber. During a recent midnight ride test of the BMW StreetGuard suit, when it got cold I found it warmer to use the Grip side and have two layers on the back of my hand than having my hand in the Gore-Tex chamber.

The BMW Two in One Glove has no claim of being a cold-weather glove, and arrives without insulation. My fingers begin to get quite cold as the temperature dropped below 55 degrees. On hot days they started to get uncomfortable over 80 degrees.

For mid-range temperatures – say 55 to 80 degrees F, whether dry or wet – these gloves excel, look great, and are built to last. For a BMW glove with this functionality and construction, $209 seems a bargain.

The BMW Two-in-One Glove retails for $209; for additional information, visit BMW Motorrad.