MotoAmerica Primary Racing Class Structure AnnouncedMotoAmerica Primary Racing Class Structure

MotoAmerica – North America’s new racing series spearheaded by three-time MotoGP Champion Wayne Rainey – announced its primary racing class structure for the 2015 MotoAmerica AMA/FIM North American Motorcycle Road Racing Championship season.

The class structure is based on a hybrid of rules from the former AMA Pro Road Racing classes (SuperBike, Daytona SportBike and AMA SuperSport) and the FIM World Superbike Championship (World Superbike,  FIM Superstock 1000, World Supersport and FIM Superstock 600).

The four MotoAmerica primary classes are: Superbike, Superstock 100, Supersport (formerly Daytona SportBike), Superstock 600 (formerly AMA SuperSport).

“The 2015 MotoAmerica racing classes were designed to be more performance oriented and in line with FIM international road racing classes,” MotoAmerica partner Chuck Aksland said.

“These new racing classes were created in collaboration with the AMA, FIM, and with input from key industry teams and partners. We are excited and looking forward to the 2015 MotoAmerica Motorcycle Road Racing Championship season.”

The premier class is the MotoAmerica Superbike class, which utilizes chassis rules similar to the former AMA SuperBike class, and engine rules based on 2015 World Superbike.

The MotoAmerica Superstock 1000 class will also compete alongside the Superbike class, but each rider will be scored separately. MotoAmerica says “The Superstock 1000 class will be closely aligned to FIM Superstock 1000 rules, run on slick tires, and help to provide an action-packed race for MotoAmerica fans.”

The MotoAmerica Supersport class will feature the middleweights, and will be set up similar to the Daytona SportBike class regarding chassis rules. The Supersport bikes will run on slicks, and engine rules are “aimed at moving toward FIM World Supersport Championship specifications.”

MotoAmerica has also renamed the former AMA Pro SuperSport class, calling it Superstock 600. The Superstock 600 class rules will be based on 2014 AMA Pro SuperSport rules and be closely aligned with FIM Superstock 600 regulations.

MotoAmerica is also currently in discussions for two additional racing classes in the MotoAmerica Championship and will be announcing that information as it becomes available.

MotoAmerica full technical rules will be released shortly.

The 2015 MotoAmerica Road Racing Championship Class Rules*:

MotoAmerica Superbike

  • Chassis rules as AMA 2014
  • Engine specs in line with the 2015 World Superbike Championship (gearbox as AMA 2014)
  • Electronics as 2015 World Superbike Championship with a one-year option to run to AMA 2014 specs
  • Use of two bikes will be allowed during each event

MotoAmerica Superstock 1000

  • Engine and chassis to be aligned with FIM Superstock 1000
  • Brake system may be changed
  • Superstock 1000 to run on slick tires
  • Use of two bikes will be allowed during each event
  • n.b. Superbike and Superstock will run together but will be scored separately

MotoAmerica Supersport (formerly Daytona Sportbike)

  • Chassis rules as AMA 2014
  • Engine rules moved toward FIM World Supersport Championship specification
  • Electronics as AMA 2014
  • Supersport will be run on slick tires
  • Use of one bike allowed during each event. Second bike may be built but not used until cleared by Technical Director
  • Based on 600 class machines, including 675 triples

MotoAmerica Superstock 600 (formerly AMA Pro SuperSport)

  • Similar rules to 2014 AMA Pro SuperSport rules and aligned with FIM Superstock 600

Moto 2 will not be included in 2015 but will be re-evaluated for the 2016 season. MotoAmerica are currently in discussions to run two additional classes in the series.

*The MotoAmerica full technical rules will be released shortly. MotoAmerica reserves the right to amend the above information and aims to develop all classes over the following seasons.