Official Video! 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2R

Supercharged. 300 horsepower. Watch the Official Kawasaki Ninja H2R

Tapping into the design minds of Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ Gas Turbine, Machinery and Aerospace divisions, Kawasaki has developed a one of a kind super bike – with an emphasis on “super” – the 2015 Ninja H2R.

Kawasaki hyped the H2R with various teaser videos and photos, and some info leaked across the industry that the new Ninja would arrive with a supercharged engine.

The latter proved true, but we were blown away when the official information was released – especially the power numbers. The H2R arrives with a 998cc supercharged engine that produces “in the region of 300 horsepower.”

Yes, you read that correctly – 300 horsepower.

Exact details of the engine were not released, though we know it uses a Centrifugal supercharger.

This supercharged inline four is contained in a steel Trellis frame, and the entire package is wrapped in wind-tunnel tested aerodynamic fairings that Kawasaki calls “Intense Force Design.”

With this much horsepower, keeping the Ninja H2R on the ground was the task, and the Intense Force Design was the answer.

Speaking of the Intense Force Design, Kawasaki says, “It has a functional beauty, with each piece of bodywork aerodynamically sculpted to help ultra-high speed stability. The cowling design also maximizes cooling performance and heat dissipation, helping to achieve the engine’s circa 300hp output. And the Ram Air duct is positioned to bring fresh air directly to the supercharger.”

There is one huge catch, though – the H2R is for the closed-course only. The Ninja H2R arrives with racing slicks, and will likely carry a steep MSRP.

As for the name, it pays tribute to the 1972 Mach IV H2, which was powered by a two-stroke 750cc inline three. Kawasaki also says the 2015 H2R’s design was influenced by the 500cc three-cylinder H1, and the 1972 Z1 Super Four – a supercharged 903cc sport bike.

Kawasaki uses the tagline “Built Beyond Belief” for the new H2R – we concur.

Attached above is the official video of the 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2R, which already has over a quarter-million views since launched September 30.

OFFICIAL VIDEO! 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2R
The 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2R