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Why would you ride with a car insurance company, when you can get specialized motorcycle insurance coverage from McGraw Powersports?

Car insurance companies are good at covering cars, but the pros at McGraw Powersports are experts at providing coverage and claims service for motorcycles.

Following are some highlights of McGraw’s services.

Basic Insurance Protection – Defined

  • More and more riders are quoting and binding motorcycle insurance online
  • Can’t beat the speed and convenience; but this process doesn’t come with the advice you’d typically receive from a trusted insurance expert

Following are some quick tips from McGraw Powersports – simple ways to ensure you get the right motorcycle insurance coverage.

Read your current policy

Seems pretty basic. But most riders only think about motorcycle insurance when they have a claim. Do yourself a favor and quickly browse your policy. Understand the protection you’ve paid for. And consider any additional coverages customized to your bike.

Set your “protection foundation”

Beyond the basic coverage required by your state, many riders are choosing to add Liability coverage. This protects you from all types of unexpected issues – like damage to another bike, another person’s property, or another rider. Liability coverage protects your assets and covers legal bills if you’re sued for a covered loss.

Medical Payments coverage is another critical layer of protection – for injuries to you, regardless of fault. McGraw also recommends Physical Damage coverage, to protect your bike from damage sustained on the road or off.

You’d be amazed how many times policyholders have been saved by basic coverage like this. Coverage that can deliver big peace of mind with a relatively small investment.

Ride with the experts

McGraw has been insuring motorcycles for over 30 years. It’s proven protection from true experts. They’ll help you get the right coverage. And with expert Claims service, they’ll get you back on the road, or back in the dirt – fast.

Insurance isn’t always the most interesting subject. But when you have the right protection, you’re free to enjoy the ride.

Get a free quote at now – you can ride with the real deal for as low as $81.