Beta’s Cody Webb Wins 2014 Last Dog Standing

Beta's Cody Webb Wins 2014 Last Dog Standing
Beta's Cody Webb
Beta's Cody Webb Wins 2014 Last Dog Standing
Beta’s Cody Webb

2014 Last Dog Standing Results

It’s billed as one of the three toughest extreme off-road races in America, along with King of the Motos and the Tennessee Knock Out, and now Cody Webb can claim title as the champion of all three.

The Last Dog Standing took place this weekend at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, Calif., and the best off-road racers in the country were on hand to take on a mixture of mother nature’s gnarliest terrain and a collection of man-made obstacles.

GEICO BVeta’s Webb was the Top Dog on the day while the others rolled over or played dead. Joining Webb on the overall podium were KTM riders Taylor Robert and Kyle Redmond, respectively.

Cody described his race in his own words: “This was my first time at the event and it was awesome… especially with being able to walk away with the victory. I was slightly concerned in the beginning with the high speed sections in all the dust and silt.

“In the first moto I finished behind Taylor Robert on adjusted time after having a big crash and stopping to check myself that everything was still all good. In the second moto I started behind Robert and quickly moved into the lead on a rocky hillside. From there I opened up a good gap and maintained it until the finish. It was awesome to win and I can’t wait to come back next year.”

2014 Last Dog Standing Results:
1. Cody Webb (BETA)
2. Taylor Robert (KTM)
3. Kyle Redmond (KTM)
4. Cory Graffuner (KTM)
5. Kale Elsworthy (KTM)
6. Mitch Carvoth (Kawasaki)
7. Michael Allen (Honda)
8. Ty Tremain (KTM)
8. Gary Sutherlin (KTM)
10. Quinn Cody (Honda)


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