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BMW Announces Recall of 2014 R 1200 RT | Motorcycle News

2014 BMW R1200RT 2014 BMW R 1200 RT Recalled | Motorcycle News / Press Release

As of today, BMW Motorrad is notifying all owners of the current R 1200 RT, model year 2014, fitted with the Dynamic ESA option that there is a potential defect in the rear spring strut.

At the present time it cannot be ruled out that the piston rod of the rear spring strut in connection with the Dynamic ESA option could potentially break. For this reason, customers are requested not to ride their motorcycle until further notice.

This is a precautionary measure which BMW Motorrad is taking in the interests of customer safety based on a supplier report. To date there have been no injuries related to this issue. Approximately 8,000 vehicles are affected by this measure worldwide.

A technical campaign is in preparation to replace the part in question. BMW Motorrad regrets any inconvenience caused to customers affected by this precautionary measure.

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  • Adrian Pulford

    Dear BMW – thank you for ruining my carefully-planned and much-anticipated ‘biking holiday in the Picos Mountains, Northern Spain. On the first day, my 62nd birthday, I was able to explore the amazing capabilities of the new R1200RT I purchased on 30th April. Having carefully run it in, organised the 600 mile service and made sure it had covered almost 1,000 mile as I boarded the ferry at Portsmouth I was truly ecstatic about my decision to update from a 2012 RT to the new model. Ecstatic, that is until I responded to a missed call from Wollaston Motorrad at 6pm on 05/06/14. I was told to stop riding my new bike immediately as there was a potential for the rear suspension damper to fail! After realising that this was not a wind-up from one of my pals, rather it was a serious communication from BMW to stop all owners of 2014 model RT’s from riding them. I was at the top of a mountain with 7 pals but was told to call BMW Assistance who would recover the bike from the roadside!! I nursed the bike back to the hotel where it was placed in the garage. On 07/06/14 the bike was taken from the hotel on a low-loader to be repatriated to UK and I was taxi’d to Avis in the next town to collect a Fiat 500L hire car. I am in a state of shock as I write this in Santillana del Mar on the evening of 07/06/14 and trying to work out what happened. I am fantasising how to plot my revenge on BMW because no amount of compensation will bring my biking holiday back. It’s gone, never to be recovered. And my short-lived love affair with my new RT is over, disappearing on the back of a low loader. Aaarrrgghhhhh!! I’m so angry and disappointed, BMW – couldn’t it have waited til next week?

  • dan

    i planned a trip with friends 1 year ago. pre-paid for hotels-720 dollars. this trip was once in a lifetime trip. some friends are getting to old. we were going to oregon washington,calif. iam suppose to go to sturgis this year too. now what? i think i should have bought a think bmw would offer a loaner bike.,,or give me money back..