Oakley Virtual Reality Motocross Experience – Ride with Villopoto

Oakley Virtual Reality Motocross Experience - Ride with Villopoto

Oakley Virtual Reality Motocross Experience - Ride with VillopotoOakley Virtual Reality Motocross Experience – Airbrake MX 360 with Ryan Villopoto

Oakley has created the Virtual Reality (VR) Motocross Experience developed for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display.

“Airbrake MX 360 with Ryan Villopoto” gives fans a fully immersive 360-degree video experience, putting them on the track with the four-time Supercross champion and bringing the viewer closer to the action than ever before possible.

“We wanted to give fans the opportunity to go as fast and high as the MX riders they love to watch, and the groundbreaking technology of Oculus Rift gives them the virtual experience of tearing up the track with Oakley rider Ryan Villopoto,” said Colin Baden, Oakley CEO.

Presented on the head-mounted VR display, the immersive experience lets fans ride with Villopoto from the perspective of another rider. Video capture in a 360-degree format is combined with technology that monitors the user’s physical movement to dynamically change the content being viewed, letting them see it as though they are actually in the environment.

Fans will be able to experience Airbrake MX 360 with Ryan Villopoto at select locations and venues this year. It debuted at the Las Vegas Oakley Store in Fashion Show Mall May 2-4.

During the 2014 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, the VR experience will be showcased at Glen Helen National in San Bernardino, Calif., on May 24; High Point National in Mt. Morris, Pa., on June 14; RedBud National in Buchanan, Mich., on July 5; Spring Creek National in Millville, Minn., on July 19; Washougal National in Washougal, Wash., on July 26; and Indiana National in Crawfordsville, Indiana on August 16.

Baden continued, “The namesake goggle for this VR experience is a landmark in technology. Not since the early days of motocross has a single goggle design brought so much innovation. Oakley’s passion for cutting-edge design is continually exploring new ground for those who want the ultimate in technology, and that led us to the state-of-the-art VR invention created by Oculus.”

Oakley’s heritage in motocross goes back nearly four decades, and the company’s Airbrake MX goggles are a leading choice among world-class riders. Setting a new standard for protection and comfort, Airbrake MX combines the performance of true, accurate vision with the convenience of Oakley Switchlock Technology — a breakthrough innovation that makes the process of lens changing fast and hassle-free.

These premium Oakley goggles maximize peripheral vision, and they can be combined with the company’s revolutionary roll-off system that increases the vertical field of view by 60-percent compared to conventional systems.

“You don’t have to be a professional athlete to be obsessed with performance. Considered essential gear by many of the world’s best, Oakley Airbrake MX goggles give all riders what they need to perform at their highest level, and Airbrake MX 360 with Ryan Villopoto gives everyone a chance to ride with a Supercross pro without even breaking a sweat,” Baden says.

A four-time Supercross and five-time Motocross champion, Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto is considered one of the best riders in the world. He is the only rider besides Jeremy McGrath to clinch four-straight Supercross titles.

Visit Oakley.com to discover more about the company’s sport performance products including its premium MX goggles.


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