MotoGP’s Nicky Hayden: ‘It’s Time to Stop Complaining and Go Racing’

MotoGP's Nicky Hayden: 'It’s Time to Stop Complaining and Go Racing'
Drive M7 Aspar Honda's Nicky Hayden at Qatar preseason MotoGP test
MotoGP's Nicky Hayden: 'It’s Time to Stop Complaining and Go Racing'
Drive M7 Aspar Honda’s Nicky Hayden at Qatar preseason MotoGP test

Nicky Hayden Interview from Circuit of the Americas

The Circuit of the Americas, which will host round 2 of 18 in the 2014 MotoGP Championship on April 13, recently spoke with Drive M7 Aspar Honda’s Nicky Hayden.

With a few days remaining until the opening round of 2014 MotoGP at Qatar March 20-23, the “Kentucky Kid” answered many questions regarding his switch to the Open-class team, which will field a Honda RCV1000R.

The 2006 MotoGP Champion joined the Aspar team following five years with Ducati. But development is moving slowly on the RCV1000R, and Hayden couldn’t quite keep up to speed the rest of the grid in the preseason tests. Regardless, the 32-year-old remains optimistic about 2014 MotoGP.

Following is the interview from Circuit of the Americas:

COTA:  Only a week until the season opener.  What’s going through your head right now?

NICKY: It’s an exciting time for sure as today I’m leaving for the start of my 12th season in MotoGP, which is an honor.  So, I’m a bit nervous as it’s the first race with a new team. But mostly, I’m just excited.

COTA:  You’ve expressed concerns about your new Honda motorcycle and the amount of power it produces.  Have you made any progress there?

NICKY: Well top speed is not our strength at the moment with this bike, but it’s time stop complaining and go racing. We know it’s not going to be easy, and I am not as confident as I thought I would be with this new bike. But I need to focus on what I can control and improving where I need. And for me that’s taking advantage of the strength of the brake, and using its braking to 100 percent.  I also need to re-adjust my brain to not use the clutch on back shifts on the corner entry and let the electronics do all the work—and not have the two systems working again each other. It’s the first time in my career where I don’t need to use the clutch, and it’s a little harder to do than it sounds when you’re pushing at maximum and the reaction takes over.

COTA:   Next up on the MotoGP calendar is the race in Austin at COTA. What are you looking forward to with your next trip to Texas?

NICKY: The fans! The support I get here at my home GP is amazing. It’s really a pleasure to have so many fans standing behind me rain or shine, so it will be nice to see everyone and have my family at the race.  That’s also pretty special. They can come along, support me and enjoy the event. And Mom can sell her merchandise at her stand, which I know she loves!


COTA:  Okay, it’s time to get to know the real Nicky Hayden.  Tell us your preference of these choices:

COTA:  Batman or Superman?

NICKY:  They are both cool. But I prefer the former racers who have won the grand slam!

COTA:  Pizza or cheeseburger?

NICKY:  Pizza

COTA:  Beer or bourbon?

NICKY:  M7 Drive Energy Drink!

COTA:  Mountain retreat or ocean view?

NICKY: Ocean view

COTA:  Dog or cat?


COTA:  Star Wars or Star Trek?

NICKY:  Neither.  I’m not into that stuff.

COTA:  Friday night or Saturday morning?

NICKY:  Saturday morning

COTA:  M&Ms or Reese’s Pieces?

NICKY:  Both!

COTA:  Football or basketball?

NICKY:  Basketball

COTA:  Blonde or brunette?

NICKY:  One of each, please!