11 Defining Characteristics of a Honda Sportbike

Honda CBR600RR Repsol (photo by Kevin Wing)


The 11 defining characteristics of a Honda Sportbike

Honda happens to be one of the most renowned and reputed sportbike manufacturers in the world. For decades it has been able to live up to the expectations of its customers by constantly providing best in class sportbikes that have emerged to rule the race tracks and the heart of the people.

The stylish look, the comfortable design, the super built up engines makes Honda sportbikes a favorite ride of many around the globe. Let us have a closer look at some of the defining characteristics of Honda spotbikes that has earned them the popularity and fan following they have today.

1. Brand
Honda is no longer just another sportbike manufacturer, the name is a brand in itself. Honda is known all over the world for providing qualitatively impeccable products to users. As a result it has been able to develop itself as one of the most reputed brands in the market at present. This is one advantage that works both for the company as well as the customers. Riding a Honda sportbike is not only a matter of comfort and performance it is a style statement.

2. Look
Honda has always paid special attention on the look and feel of its sportbikes. It has always stayed true to its reputation of designing muscular yet stylish looking sportbikes. Take for example the Honda CBR600F4i a direct lineage of the Honda CBR600F which was first introduced in 1987. The larger fuel tank of the bike gives it a muscular look which goes well with the concept of a sportbike. The bikes designed by Honda are always a owners pride and viewers delight.

 3. Fairings
One of the most defining characteristics of a Honda sportbike is its fairings. Surely most sportbikes manufactured today come with prefitted fairings but Honda sportbikes are equipped with fairings that are different from all. The fairings are specially designed to suit the requirement of avid Honda users and to reduce drag as well as keep the engine safe from external damages. The fairings are designed to give extra comfort to the rider and adds to the attractive look of the bike. CBR600RR Fairing kits can be used to customize the popular CBR600RR range look.

4. Engine
Honda sportsbike are loaded with a high performance engine to give the rider a riding experience like never before. Most Honda bikes come with a V shaped four cylinders engine that generates awesome power that makes the bike a riders delight. The engines are designed with the aim of ruling the racetrack and always deliver the best performance in its segment.

 5. Fuel system
Honda makes use of the best fuel injection system for its sportbikes. The DOHC technology that Honda uses in its bikes’ fuel injection system ensures best fuel combustion and hence optimum fuel efficiency. When you are riding on a Honda sportbike you can be rest assured that your vehicle is making use of each and every drop of fuel in order to offer the best performance. This improved technology has also helped in reducing emission from Honda sportbikes over the last few years to a large extent.

 6. Brakes
The anti lock braking system is a feature that defines Honda’s effort to increase safety. The brakes work perfectly and do not get locked, a frequent complaint by users of other sportbikes. The brake system is tested in different conditions and ensures the safety of the rider in all weathers.

 7. Comfort
Comfort is undoubtedly one of the defining features of a Honda sportbike. The company is focused on creating comfortable riding experience for its users by providing ergonomically designed bikes with comfortable seats and good handle grips for easy maneuvering.

8. Handling
Sportbikes from Honda are generally lighter than others of the same genre. This is why Honda bikes are easier to handle no matter how powerful they are. As a result, learners and new bikers are always recommended to buy a Honda as the first step towards the racetrack.

9. Power
Power is one of the most defining features of Honda sportbikes. Most of the bikes come with 600cc, 750cc and 1000cc engine like any other sportbike in the market. However, a Honda engine is able to generate a higher bhp, thus giving the bike an edge over the others. Those who want to have the most power in a certain segment can always go for a Honda sportbike.

10. Speed
The Honda CBR1100XX also known as the Super Blackbird was the record holder as the fastest bike on earth and so speed is something that a Honda sportbike is made for. So whenever it is all about speed there is just one name you can trust – Honda.

 11. Cost efficiency
Honda also focuses on making their bikes cost efficient. By using the best technology to manufacture their bike Honda ensure that you have the best performance from the bike for a longer period of time. Honda also works toward reducing the maintenance cost of the bike thus making it more cost efficient as you enjoy your Honda riding experience.


  1. Who wrote this crap.
    I ride a Honda now, and it’s awesome, but the last I looked 99% of the Honda bikes out there run inline fours.
    Although they’re right about the great handlegrips.


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