Ducati Superleggera Video | ‘The Power of Lightness’

Ducati Superleggera

When Ducati unveiled its “Project 1201” in October – the Superleggera – the numbers were unheard of in the world of production sportbikes.

Ducati claims the Superleggera, which translates from Italian to Super Light, weighs 341.7 lbs. and produces over 200 horsepower. These claims quickly provide the world with the highest weight-to-power ratio of any production motorcycle.

Ducati achieved this with loads of magnesium and carbon-fiber parts, along with some engine mods, including two-ring pistons – a first for any Ducati motorcycle.

But this type of performance isn’t cheap; rumors say the Superleggera will cost around $62,000. And with only 500 produced, this bike will be even more exclusive than the famed Desmosedici RR, which had a production run of 1500.

Ducati recently released the attached video, aptly titled “the power of lightness.” The short video features some brief commentary on the bike, including some from CEO Claudio Domenicali.

For a in-depth look at the Superleggera, click here.

Ducati Superleggera
Ducati Superleggera


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