Joe Rocket Ladies Trixie Jacket | Review

Joe Rocket Trixie Jacket
Joe Rocket Trixie Jacket
Joe Rocket Trixie Jacket

Joe Rocket Ladies Apparel

Long and lean, Joe Rocket’s Ladies Trixie jacket is sleek leather protection for casual riding, as well as offering runway styling for bike-free nights.

Made of lightweight natural cowhide, the Trixie retains a substantial feel while still maintaining an elegant profile thanks to the feminine cut.

Princess seams flatter the female figure and provide a trim look; the fit can be further personalized at the waist via four snapping adjustment tabs, which also serve as a nice styling detail.

The Trixie is best suited to moderate riding conditions, as it is focused toward fashion. Still, Joe Rocket has the features needed when the temperature deviates from ideal.

To keep you cool when the sun bakes down on the black leather, there are short zipper vents on the biceps, as well as always-open grommets under the arms.

They don’t move an inordinate amount of air — there are no exhaust vents —and the intake position seems more motivated by style than function. The purple mesh liner provides a cool layer between you and the leather, keeping your perspiration rate lower on warmer days.

When temperatures drop, zip in the quilted-satin vest liner. As it is only a vest, the warming aspect is limited to the torso. Be sure to zip up those bicep vents on chilly nights. The soft mandarin-tailored collar helps keep airflow down when snapped, and is comfortable.

You have to travel light with the Trixie. There are two zippered hand pockets, plus one interior utility pocket for securing your wallet and/or phone. The upside is, of course, you keep your sleek profile, and the jacket doesn’t get lumpy.

There is no foam padding nor interior armor for extra protection, and just one strip of reflective piping along the shoulder blades. Again, the Joe Rocket Trixie is not a highly technical jacket and the protection is abrasion-based, rather than impact-focused.

I was initially concerned that the some- what longer length of the Trixie might cause it to bunch up while riding, due to the collar-to-hemline zipper. However, the cut flares out slightly from the waist down, and the 1.22mm leather is pliant enough that this is not a problem.

Understated but smart, the Joe Rocket Ladies Trixie is a simple but stylish jacket that feels and looks good both on the bike and off. For additional information, visit

Joe Rocket Trixie Jacket
Joe Rocket Trixie Jacket


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