Nuviz Ride:HUD Head-Up Display At NYC IMS | Motorcycle Safety News

Nuviz Ride:HUD Head-Up Display At NYC IMS | Motorcycle Safety News

Encouraged by a Kickstarter project that has over $90,000 of pledges on the eve of the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows debut in New York City, Nuviz will be at the Javits Center from Friday, Dec. 13 to Sunday, Dec. 15.

While Nuviz still won’t be displaying a finished Ride:HUD unit, there will be a digital display, with streaming video of the head-up display technology that the unit taps. CEO Malte Laass, Co-Founder Brian Ballard, and CTO Jay Kim will be at Booth 2116/8 to answer questions.

“We are simply overwhelmed by the public’s response to the Nuviz Ride:HUD,” Nuviz CEO Malte Laass said. “People are really excited to learn about the new technology and the background of our company, so we’re heading east to introduce the Nuviz Ride:HUD to even more motorcyclists. The conversations and feedback from riders have been great so far and we’re looking forward to even more in New York.”

The Nuviz Kickstarter project has a goal of $185,000 to help fund the initial production of the head-up display unit, which can be attached to any full-face helmet, as well as being easily switched between helmets if you have more than one.

The Ride:HUD display is clear and, although it’s only inches from your eyes, the distance appears to be approximately 75 feet away. This means you don’t have to refocus your eyes when looking at the programmable information display.

The first 150 backers who pledged $479 are slated to receive the first production Nuviz Ride:HUD units, with an estimated delivery date of September 2014. Those have sold out, so it will now take a pledge of at least $529 to get that same premium, which includes delivery of a t-shirt if funding is successful. A $5000 pledge gets you and a guest a flight to Nuviz’ headquarters in San Diego for the launch of the Ride:HUD, plus three nights at a hotel, all meals, and two Ride:HUD units.

Photo at Progressive International Motorcycle Show by Scott Cox