Jody Perewitz Runs 208mph at Bonneville on V-Twin

Jody Perewitz Runs 208mph at Bonneville on V-TwinBonneville Salt Flat BUB Speed Trials

In August of 2013 Jody Perewitz and Team Jwitz returned to the Bonneville Salt Flats for a third time with their machine powered by a 100 CI American V-Twin. The team’s focus was the elusive 201 mph Club and as many new land speed records as possible. And, you know what they say, third time’s a charm.

Just one month prior to the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials in Bonneville, Perewitz rode her American built rocket into the record books at the prestigious “Maine Event” in Loring, Maine. At that high profile Land Speed Record gathering Jody took no prisoners as she blasted into Loring’s 200 mph Club. In doing so she made a pair of solid back to back passes at 202 mph.

While the Loring success was a great achievement Jody wasn’t satisfied just yet, and focused all efforts squarely on the 201 mph Club at Bonneville.

Jody Perewitz Runs 208mph at Bonneville on V-TwinTeam Jwitz was smokin’ at the Bub Motorcycle Speed Trials and Perewitz gave a rock solid performance landing still another Land Speed Record. That makes 10 LSRs to date including one World Record. Out of her last 11 runs, 9 were over 200, and one that wasn’t clocked in at 199.9! Jody received the highly sought after Bonneville 201 mph Club hat as she set her record at 207 mph, with a top speed of 208 mph.

Not too bad when you consider she run’s a relatively small 100 cu V-twin. She also received the SheEmoto Award, which is awarded to the woman who embodies the spirit of land speed racing. All in all Bonneville was a great event, one that will not soon be forgotten by Jody and the entire Jwitz team.

Team Jwitz would like to thank all their sponsors who have over the years given them their support, big or small, it was a combined effort by many that has helped Jody and her team achieve the phenomenal they have to date.

For additional information on Team Jwitz, following thier Facebook page.



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