Mustang ‘Think Pink’ Limited Edition Motorcycle Seats

Mustang's Think Pink Motorcycle Seat Campaign
Mustang's Think Pink Motorcycle Seat Campaign
Mustang's Think Pink Motorcycle Seat Campaign

Mustang's "Comfort for a Cause"

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the family at Mustang Seats, LLC wanted to do their part. The “Comfort For A Cause” campaign, complete with the hallmark pink ribbons, was created to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s efforts to find a cure. Mustang is helping people to “think pink.”

Marilyn Simmons (Marketing Director) says: “We wanted to find a way to honor the survival, determination and compassion of those fighting breast cancer in a way that was uniquely Mustang. Comfort For A Cause is a perfect way for us to do our part.”

Mustang will donate $10 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for each limited edition seat sold during the month of October.

According to Marilyn, BCRF was selected as the charity of choice because 91% of the funds raised go directly to breast cancer research and awareness programs.

Marilyn Simmons says: “We believe we can make a positive impact by working with BCRF and it is comforting to know that 88% of the money raised goes right to research. The remaining 3% is going to the awareness campaign… which is where our pink seats can help call attention to this worthy cause!”

Speaking of the seats, customers have a choice of pink ribbons, contrasting pink stitching or even entire inlays! Please note that the location of the ribbons may vary depending on the type of seat and not all seats can be customized.

For more details or to order, please contact the Mustang customer service hotline at (800) 243-1392, or visit If you would like to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation but don’t want to sport a pink saddle, link to them directly at


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