Team France Wins Sardegna International Six Days Enduro

KTM's Antoine Meo
KTM's Antoine Meo
KTM’s Antoine Meo

2013 International Six Days Enduro Final Results

From start to finish, the 2013 International Six Days Enduro held on the Mediterranean Island of Sardegna was dominated by Team France.

It’s star rider was KTM’s Antoine Meo, the E1 Enduro World Champion. Though Meo didn’t do too well on the Saturday, the final day in Tempio, he had more than enough to secure first place in the E3 class. He was also the overall fastest rider of the event, which featured riders from 36 different countries.

His teammates Pierre Alexandre Renet and Johnny Aubert also put in strong performances, helping Team France earn the ISDE World Trophy. Aubert finished overall third in E2, while Spanish teammates Cristobal Guerrero won the E1 class and Ivan Cervantes was fourth in E2.

The USA mounted a strong team, which included KTM US factory riders Mike Brown, Kurt Caselli and Charlie Mullins and together they ensured Team USA finished in second place in the World Trophy. Italy took the third podium place in the main competition.

It was a great week for KTM’s Meo, the 2013 E1 World Champion who stepped up to ride the bigger KTM 300 EXC in E3 class after factory teammate Christophe Nambotin had to withdraw from Team France because of an injury in the final round of the 2013 World Championship series. Nambotin had already won the 2013 E3 World Championship title before his injury in the final round.

Antoine Meo says: “In the beginning it was not my dream to ride the bigger bike but every day it got better and better as I learned more about it and it turned out to be a great race for me.

Teams KTM 1 and KTM 2 also finished 1-3 in the Manufacturer’s Trophy to wrap up a good week for the Austrian brand  at the centennial edition on the International Six Days Enduro on the Italian island of Sardinia.

It was also a successful week for KTM’s Race Service Team, who helped more than 50 other KTM club riders get the most out of the ISDE experience. The KTM Race Service offers everything from rental competition bikes for overseas riders to technical and practical support and spare parts. This popular annual event that first started in Carlisle England back in 1913 is a unique chance for club riders to contest six days of competition over the same terrain and under the same conditions as the world’s elite riders.

2013 Sardinia International Six Days Enduro Results:

E1 Class Day Six (Motocross)
1. Zach Osborne, USA, Honda
2. Thomas Oldrati, Italy Husaberg
3. Michaeo Staufer, Austria, KTM
4. Lorenzo Santolino, Spain Husqvarna
5. Thasseus Duval, US Honda
6. Jeremy Joly, France, Honda
7. Cristobal Guerrero, Spain, KTM

E1 Day Six: Final rankings after six days
1. Cristobal Guerrero, Spain, KTM
2. Jeremy Joly France, Honda
3. Lorenzo Santolino, Spain Husqvarna
4. Thomas Oldrati, Italy Husaberg
5. Redondi, Italy KTM

E2 Class Day 6 (Final Motocross)
1. Alex Salvini, Italy, HM Honda
2. Lioc Larreui, France, Husaberg
3. Charlie Mullins, USA KTM
4. Ivan Cervantes, Spain, KTM
5. Kurt Caselli, KTM USA
6. Pela Renet, France, Husaberg
7 Johnny Aubert, France, KTM

E2 Class Final
1. Daniel Milner, Australia, Yamaha
2. Pela Renet, France, Husaberg
3. Johnny Aubert, France, KTM
4. Ivan Cervantes, Spain, KTM
5. Taylor Robert, USA, Kawasaki
8. Charlie Mullins, USA, KTM
9. Kurt Caselli, USA, KTM

E3 Class final Rankings after Day 6
1. Antoine Meo, France, KTM (also fastest overall rider)
2. Mathias Bellino, France, Husaberg
3. Mike Brown, USA, KTM
4. Chris Hollis, Australia, KTM
5. Manuel Monni, Italy, KTM

World Trophy:
1. France, 21:56.32.08 (Pela Renet, Jeremy Joly, Johnny Aubert, Antoine Meo, Rodrig Thain, Fabien Planet)
2. USA, 22:00.23.25 (Mike Brown, Kurt Caselli, Thaddeus Duvall, Charlie Mullins, Zach Osborne, Robert Taylor)
3. Italy, 22:10.05.98 (Albergoni, Oldrati, Salvini, Monni. Philippaerts, Balletti)
4. Australia, 22:15.03.63 (Joshua Green, Chris Hollis, Glenn Kearney, Matthew Phillips, Joshua Strang, Daniel Miller)
5. Spain, 22:18.15.14 (Lorenzo Santolino, Cristobal Guerrero, Ivan Cervantes, Victor Guerrero, Mario Roman, Oriol Mena

Junior World Trophy:
1. France, 13:20.44.89 (Swan Servajean, Kevin Rohmer, Loic Larrieu, Mathias Bellino
2. Italy, 13:25.45.81 (Rudy Moroni, Giacomo Redondi, Nicolo Mori, Gianluca Martini)
3. Britain 13:29.23.26 (Steve Holcombe, Jack Rowland, Jamie McCanney, Daniel McCanney)
4. USA, 13:37.09.08 (Grant Baylor, Kailub Russell, Andrew Delong, Jessie Groemm)
5. Australia, 13:39.56.43 (Ben Burrell, Lachlan Stanford, Scott Keegan, Thomas McCormick


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