Motorcycle Types Motocross / Off-Road Dos Sertoes Rally Stage 2: KTM's Coma Trails Gonclaves

Dos Sertoes Rally Stage 2: KTM’s Coma Trails Gonclaves

2013 Dos Sertoes Rally Stage 2 Results

The 2013 Dos Sertoes Rally, round five of six in the FIM Cross-Country Rallies Championship, got underway Thursday in Brazil with a “Super Special” short stage one. The rally will take riders over 2,500 miles in 10 days.

Taking that win was Team Speedbrain’s Paulo Goncalves.  The Portuguese rider on the Husqvarna TE449-powered Speedbrain bike continued this momentum into stage 2 of the rally, which ran 154 miles, 82 of which were timed.

The reigning champion of the Dos Sertoes Rally, KTM’s Marc Coma, took a cautious approach on day one. The track, in the city of Goiania, Brazil, and set against a background of tall sky scrapers, was dusty and deeply rutted, KTM reports.

Coma finished ninth, which is the position he began from in Friday’s stage two. By the end of stage two, though, the Spaniard, a three-time Dakar winner, was in second, just behind Gonclaves.  Overall, Coma trails Gonclaves by 54 seconds after stage two. Overall, Michael Metge of France is in third, the Yamaha rider just over a minuted behind.

Paulo Goncalves (Speedbrain 450 Rally) says: “Today we had a quite short stage which got everything Brazil has to offer. A very nice opener. I am happy I found my rhythm quickly and kept the overall lead by winning today’s stage. This is how things should go on.”

Marc Coma (KTM 450 Rally) says: “It was a special short but not easy. Conditions were very dusty, there was very little grip and it was also very technical. I lost about 40 seconds trying to overtake the rider in front of me but I’m happy with the result. It was important not to make any mistake or to have any crashes. We can say that the rally really begins tomorrow and we are expecting some very tough days, including the marathon stage. This race will be very long.”

On Saturday the stage goes from Pirenopolis to Uruacu over a distance of 257 miles, 178 of which are timed and will be very challenging.

2013 Dos Sertoes Rally Stage 2 Results (unofficial, Goiânia – Pirenópolis):

1. Paolo Goncalves, Portugal, Speed Brain 1 hour 06.03

2. Marc Coma, Spain, KTM, 1:08.50

3. Michael Metge, France, Yamaha 1:09.14

4. Cyril Despres, France, Yamaha at 1:09.53

5. Nelsen Bueno, 1:10.20

6. Ruben Faria, Portugal, KTM 1:10.34

7. Ike Klaumann, Brazil, Honda, 1:12.04

8. Ramon Sacilotti, Brazil, Kawasaki 1:12.40

9. Gregorio Caselanti, Brazil, Honda, 1:12.40

10. Dario Julio, Brazil, Honda, 1:13.23

2013 Dos Sertoes Rally Overall after prologue and Stage 2:

1. Goncalves, 1 hour 09.55

2. Coma at 54 seconds

3. Metge at 1 minute13.3

4. Despres, 1m.53.0

5. Bueno, 2m 17.0

6. Faria, 2m 37.2

7. Klaumann 4m 47.2

8. Sacilotti, 4m 42.2

9. Caselanti, 5m 05.1

10. Julio, 5m 33.8

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