Kawasaki’s Bizouard Wins Lithuania FIM Freestyle MX

2013 FIM Freestyle MX World Championship NIGHT of the JUMPS Results

The FIM Freestyle MX World Championship launched into a new season on Saturday in the context of NIGHT of the JUMPS in Lithuania. Eleven of the world’s top freestyle motocross riders gathered in the Zalgirio Arena in Lithuania for the first Grand Prix event of the year.

The southernmost of the three Baltic States was making its debut entry in the freestyle motocross world atlas. Spanish FMX torero Dany Torres was also celebrating a NIGHT of the JUMPS premiere, contesting the world championship for the first time.

Torres made an immediate impression, dominating qualification along with Remi Bizouard and David Rinaldo. With Torres’ signature 1-Hand Seatgrab Indy Backflip and his Paris Hilton flip, the fans were treated to not one but two new NIGHT of the JUMPS tricks. Undismayed, reigning champion Bizouard still qualified ahead of the field with his usual box of tricks. David Rinaldo’s repertoire was also impressive, taking him through in third place.

Joining the lead trio in the finals were 2012 world championship runner-up Libor Podmol, Petr Pilat and Maikel Melero. Relegated to the role of spectators this time were Brice Izzo (FRA), Jose Miralles (ESP), Matin Koren (CZE) and the German FMX contingent of Kai Haase and Hannes Ackermann.

The absence of reigning Maxxis Highest Air champion Massimo Bianconcini left the field free for Kai Haase and the Spanish duo of Jose Miralles and Maikel Melero. The German rider cleared the bar at 8.5 metres to take the trophy on the night for the first time in his career. Haase also made it through to the final of the ROCKWELL Time Whip Contest where he found himself up against Remi Bizouard and Jose Miralles. Here too, the German took the honours, thrilling the crowd with some really extreme whips.

The final then turned into the ultimate showdown between Dany Torres and Remi Bizouard, with all the other riders virtually reduced to the role of bit players. Maikel Melero and David Rinaldo were perhaps trying too hard not to be overshadowed by their more illustrious compatriots, which may explain the dead sailors for both riders on their final runs. Petr Pilat moved up to fourth place after putting together an improved run.

Podmol’s underflip combinations were good enough to secure him the remaining podium spot. But even so, his performance was little more than an appetiser for the duel between Dany and Remi. The Spaniard delved deeper in the final, pulling out Lazyboy Flip, Cliffhanger Flip and 360. Bizouard then countered with a 360 and a perfect Cliffhanger Flip. The reigning world champion then wrapped up victory with his Rulerflip.

With this triumph in the first ever freestyle motocross Grand Prix to be held in Lithuania, World Champion Bizouard has got his title defence off to a great start, taking an immediate lead in the FIM Freestyle MX World Championship. His latest challenger, second-placed Dany Torres, is on 18 points followed by Libor Podmol on 16. It’s still early days, though, and the standings could be completely reshuffled next weekend when the FMX stars contest rounds 2 and 3 of the World Championship at the o2 World arena in Berlin (March 8/9).

Lithuania NIGHT of the JUMPs/FIM Freestyle MX World Championships Results:

Results NIGHT of the JUMPs – Final

1. Remi Bizouard            FRA    FFM        Kawasaki    391 Points

2. Dany Torres            ESP    RFME        KTM        383 Points

3. Libor Podmol            CZE    ACCR        Yamaha    370 Points

4. Petr Pilat            CZE    ACCR        KTM        333 Points

5. Maikel Melero            ESP    RFME        KTM        297 Points

6. David Rinaldo            FRA    FFM        Yamaha    289 Points

Results Qualification

1. Remi Bizouard            FRA    FFM        Kawasaki    342 Points

2. Dany Torres            ESP    RFME        KTM        339 Points

3. David Rinaldo            FRA    FFM        Yamaha    336 Points

4. Libor Podmol            CZE    ACCR        Yamaha    328 Points

5. Petr Pilat            CZE    ACCR        KTM        306 Points

6. Maikel Melero            ESP    RFME        KTM        305 Points

7. Brice Izzo            FRA    FFM        Yamaha    303 Points

8. Jose Miralles            ESP    RFME        KTM        299 Points

9. Martin Koren            CZE    ACCR        KTM        270 Points

10. Kai Haase            GER    DMSB        Suzuki        220 Points

11. Hannes Ackermann        GER    DMSB        KTM        198 Points

Results ROCKWELL Time Whip Contest

1. Kai Haase            GER    DMSB        Suzuki

2. Remi Bizouard            FRA    FFM        Kawasaki

3. Jose Miralles            ESP    RFME        KTM

Results MAXXIS Highest-Air

1. Kai Haase            GER    DMSB        Suzuki        8,50 Meters

2. Jose Miralles            ESP    RFME        KTM        8,00 Meters

Maikel Melero            ESP    RFME        KTM        8,00 Meters

FIM Freestyle MX World Championships Ranking (after 1st contest)

1. Remi Bizouard            FRA    FFM        Kawasaki    20 Points

2. Dany Torres            ESP    RFME        KTM        18 Points

3. Libor Podmol            CZE    ACCR        Yamaha    16 Points

4. Petr Pilat            CZE    ACCR        KTM        14 Points

5. Maikel Melero            ESP    RFME        KTM        12 Points

6. David Rinaldo            FRA    FFM        Yamaha    10 Points

7. Brice Izzo            FRA    FFM        Yamaha      9 Points

8. Jose Miralles            ESP    RFME        KTM          8 Points

9. Martin Koren            CZE    ACCR        KTM          7 Points

10. Kai Haase            GER    DMSB        Suzuki          6 Points

11. Hannes Ackermann        GER    DMSB        KTM          5 Points