Wunderlich Releases R120 G/S Conversion for BMW R1200 GS

R120 G/S Conversion Kit

Wunderlich has released a R120 G/S conversion kit for all BMW R1200GS motorcycles up to the 2012 model year.

The R120 G/S kit is designed by former Paris Dakar participant Fabio Marcaccini, made in Italy and is distributed exclusively by Wunderlich.

Wunderlich says: “We believe the R120G/S is a perfect blend of retro and high-tech, fitted for one of the the best-selling bikes in world. Made with the highest degree of quality, the kit is available in several color combinations for all R1200GS models up to 2012.”

The installation of this kit can be completed in about five hours by a technically competent person. And like all good plastic surgeries, this one comes with a significant weight reduction and a beautiful face-lift.

BMW R1200GS to R120 G/S Conversion Kit Includes:

  • Tank cover in Alpine White (original fuel tank is retained)
  • Headlight support brackets
  • Seat in red/black
  • Tank support brackets
  • Side covers in white/black
  • Engine protection bar
  • Rear tail in white/black
  • Oil cooler brackets
  • Front fender in alpine white
  • Oil cooler
  • Small side coverings
  • Oil cooler hoses
  • Handlebar risers
  • Luggage rack
  • Front headlight
  • All necessary hardware and fittings to complete the conversion

Available additional accessories include three styles of P/D inspired headlight shrouds, the “Six Days” Tankbag and Rear Rack Bag as well bag mount adaptors.

The R120 G/S Conversion kit is priced at $4,999. For additional information, visit Wunderlich.